Introducing: F45 Training Miramar Base MCAS

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 23, 2021 10:14:01 AM

F45 Training has proudly put together a military division that aims to provide service members and veterans with new career opportunities within the F45 Family. 

VIP45’s (F45’s Veterans Impact Program) mission is simple: provide active duty and veteran service members, who have a passion for fitness and helping others, with the: 

  • -training 
  • -resources, and
  • -support they need to be considered for a career w/F45
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Top Motivating Factors to Become a Business Owner

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 21, 2021 1:30:13 PM

Franchise Ventures released its latest Franchise Insights, where they took a deep dive into the motivating factors behind why individuals desire to become business owners. Everyone has their own motivators and reasons for changing up their lifestyles. Whether it’s to escape corporate life or to simply find something that better aligns with your passions in life, every reason is valid, but some are more common than others. 

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Explore the Various F45 Investment Opportunities

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 19, 2021 3:09:28 PM

F45 Training has exploded onto the  scene in the past several years, expanding from solely focusing on fitness franchises to venturing into different markets within the fitness industry. As it stands today, we have several different investment opportunities that we feel are unique and potentially life changing for whoever desires to be a part of our F45 Family.

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Inside F45: Something for Everyone

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 13, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Finding a gym, or community of like minded individuals, that is truly inclusive and welcoming to everyone, regardless of background, can be challenging. You may feel pressured to fit into a certain group of people or pretend to be someone you are not. When it comes to a gym or fitness studio, it can be extremely difficult to fit into a different group than the one you belong in, especially if it’s centered around how physically fit you are. 

At F45 Training, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating an environment that welcomes everyone, regardless of how fit they are or what their previous life experiences have been. We do this in two avenues of our business model: ensuring that our members feel comfortable in our studios and supplying our studios with hard working owners and staff members that come from different walks of life as well. Both are equally important when trying to create a positive, inclusive environment. 

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F45 Believes Innovation Belongs in the Fitness Industry

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 29, 2021 10:19:59 AM

Have you ever found yourself in a new workout routine, feeling energized and motivated one day and the next feeling a bit burnt out? It’s completely normal and understandable to feel that way when you are committing yourself to a stagnant routine. F45 takes a different approach when creating our fitness programs and focuses on innovation and constantly evolving, in an effort to keep things interesting and fun for both our franchisees and our members. 

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4 Signs Corporate Life Isn’t For You

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 21, 2021 1:03:19 PM

Corporate life is usually characterized by working a 9-5 schedule (give or take), within a traditionally structured organization or company. Individuals who work traditional corporate jobs likely have their set schedule, a boss that he/she reports to and specific work tasks that fall under their umbrella as an employee. For some people, this is the dream and they thrive off of the structure laid out for them. 

For others, however, corporate life may feel like a ‘ball and chain’ relationship, and one that they desperately want to get out of. 

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How F45 Became More Than a Fitness Program

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 14, 2021 10:48:26 AM

F45 is more than a fitness program: we’re a global cultural phenomenon that has taken the wellness industry by storm. Throughout the past several years, we have carefully crafted a concept that included fitness, nutrition and community involvement. Let’s dig a little deeper into our unique take on what makes a fitness studio great and what sets us apart from the competition and as a leader in our industry. 

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How F45 Takes the Ego Out of Fitness

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 9, 2021 1:59:32 PM

There’s nothing worse than walking into a new studio or gym and feeling super excited, just to have your ego quickly blown to pieces by someone making you feel inferior for being yourself. At F45 Training, we are proudly doing everything we can to eliminate the idea of inflated egos and establish an environment of self-confidence, both inside the studio and behind the scenes. 

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How F45 Franchisees Use Social Media

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 4, 2021 11:03:47 AM

These days, it’s hard to imagine a world without social media in our personal and professional lives. It seems like everyone has an account for themselves, their dog or the business venture they’re trying out. It’s truly a wonderful place to connect with other people! 

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Business Conditions Continue to Trend Upward

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 2, 2021 3:30:38 PM sends out a survey every month, where the objective is to poll the general public on trends happening within the entrepreneurial community. Their May 2021 survey has found that the general consensus around the way people view a new business opportunity is trending upwards, which is a comforting sign to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. 

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4 Lies You Need to Stop Believing About Your Career

[fa icon="calendar'] May 20, 2021 11:34:39 AM

We have been conditioned  from a very young age to believe certain things that our career has to be finite from the day we enter the workforce. Most of us have been told starting in our adolescent years, that our career defines us and that we have to choose that path very carefully. 

While that may be true, there are a few lies that we think people are still feeding into. According to Life Hack, we don’t have to accept these as true any longer! 

Let’s jump in and discover how we can break free of the chains of the lies in which we’ve been ingrained to accept…

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How Entrepreneurs Can Improve Their Mental Health and Wellbeing

[fa icon="calendar'] May 18, 2021 10:19:02 AM

Entrepreneurs are constantly trying to balance their demanding work schedules and their personal lives, leaving them susceptible to feeling like they may 'crash and burn' over time. It can be incredibly overwhelming for them to prioritize their mental health and wellbeing, as well as give enough effort to the other aspects of their life that demand their undivided attention. 

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How to Choose the Right Business Partner

[fa icon="calendar'] May 13, 2021 3:56:03 PM

So, you’re interested in becoming an entrepreneur or business owner, but you don’t want to do it 100% alone. We totally understand, and we speak to people who have these same feelings all the time.

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F45 Induction: 5 Days of Franchisee Education

[fa icon="calendar'] May 10, 2021 4:57:22 PM

After signing on the dotted line, new F45 franchisees are welcomed to the family with open arms and excited proclamations of hope for the future! We feel as though our franchisees join the F45 family from the moment they officially decide to become a part of our franchise network, and as we do with all of our network, we look ahead towards the future and how we can best work together to find potential success.

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4 Steps to Take When Choosing a Franchisor

[fa icon="calendar'] May 5, 2021 2:02:55 PM

Choosing a franchisor can be overwhelming. Are you prepared to take this next step? Are you setting yourself up for success in the long run or are you cutting corners to make it easier for you now?

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How to Conduct a Successful SWOT Analysis as an Entrepreneur

[fa icon="calendar'] May 3, 2021 1:58:10 PM

A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool that helps a business owner identify his/her strengths and weaknesses, as well as any opportunities and threats that may exist in a specific business situation.”

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Reliability is Key in Choosing a Franchisor

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 20, 2021 1:19:41 PM

When choosing a franchisor, it is important to remember that you are essentially making one of the most important decisions of your life and your career. This decision should be made after careful due diligence and consideration, and only with the utmost confidence that you are making the right decision for you and your future.

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How to Get Out of a Productivity Rut

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 14, 2021 12:11:48 PM

One of the most challenging things in life is feeling yourself slipping into a rut and simultaneously not being able to do much about it. You may feel like you need to change your habits or routine in order to negate the change you feel happening right before your eyes.

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Even the Best Entrepreneurs Faced Failure in Their Lives

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 7, 2021 3:55:40 PM

One of the most common things that we hear from people who are interested in opening their own F45 Training studios is that they are afraid to fail.

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Fitness Will Never Go Out of Style

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 5, 2021 1:21:52 PM

If we’ve learned anything over the past few decades, it’s that things will always go in and out of style. Remember those M.C. Hammer pants that were widely popular in the 80’s? Yep—they made a comeback not too long ago. Mom jeans? They’re back with a vengeance.

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Leveling Up: A Checklist for Personal Trainers Transitioning into Gym Ownership

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 1, 2021 10:00:00 AM

If you are a personal trainer, you likely know about the everyday grind of trying to make a name for yourself in the business. Personal trainers are some of the most hardworking individuals, as they constantly hustle to make sure their clients are satisfied and that they are doing everything they can to change lives every day.

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Why Corporate Social Responsibility is at the Heart of F45

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 30, 2021 12:05:34 PM

Corporate social responsibility is best defined as actions within an organization that ‘aim to contribute to societal goals of a philanthropic, activist, or charitable nature by engaging in or supporting volunteering or ethically-oriented practices.’

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How to Get Rid of the Sunday Scaries for Good

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 25, 2021 2:07:23 PM

Ahh, Sunday. A day that has traditionally been spent hanging out with friends or family, making plans for the week, or getting the house in order before the workweek.

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Education vs. Experience: Which Reigns Supreme in Business?

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 23, 2021 12:36:16 PM

Education vs. experience: an age-old debate that has been going on for years. Some people side with education, stating that the things they have learned in school cannot be taught in the real world, while others are on team experience because according to them, there’s nothing quite like learning on your feet.

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How Ohio University is Prioritizing Fitness for Their Students

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 19, 2021 12:00:00 PM

November 2nd, 2020 was the day the doors to Studio 217 opened, an F45 Training studio conveniently located on the second floor of the Charles J. Ping Recreation Center at Ohio University Well-Being & Recreation.

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F45 Ranked as One of the Fastest-Growing Franchises in 2021

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 17, 2021 9:00:00 AM

F45 Training is proud to announce that we have been ranked #8 on Entrepreneur’s 2021 list of Fastest-Growing Franchises!

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How Building Relationships Can Propel Your Business

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 16, 2021 11:00:00 AM

One of the most important aspects of life in general is building and cultivating relationships with the people around you. Outside of business, healthy relationships can truly make or break the way you are perceived by others, your general attitude, and the trajectory of your days.

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4 Traits of Successful Leaders in Business

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 12, 2021 1:05:34 PM

We’re always striving to be better versions of ourselves. Whether it’s as a significant other, friend, family member, or business partner, we want to be the best we can be.

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The Type of Business to Invest in Post-Pandemic

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 10, 2021 12:45:32 PM

As we emerge on the other side of this pandemic that has swept the world since March 2020, people will start to shake off the dust from their old habits and get back into life as they once knew it. People will see long-lost friends and family, travel and even get back into investing or pursuing the career of their dreams.

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3 Reasons Why Loving Your Job Is Not Overrated

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 3, 2021 9:00:00 AM

How many times have you heard the saying “Do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life”? It seems like one of those cheesy old sayings that most people roll their eyes at, because who can possibly feel like they aren’t working when that’s what we do for a minimum of 9 hours a day? It seems crazy to think that there are people out there who are enjoying their jobs so much, it doesn’t feel like work, right?!

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Why Pride Can Ruin Your Business

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 26, 2021 9:30:00 AM

According to Forbes, “Pride and ego, especially if you compare yourself to your peers, can get in the way of greatness because you may not be at the same level, and you shouldn't be. Your move is slow burning but ultimately will produce fire. - Martin Ekechukwu, WHTWRKS Inc.

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You’re Selling an Investment, Not Just a Product

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 24, 2021 2:43:33 PM

As the owner of a fitness business, it is up to you to ensure that you are meeting the needs of your customers and clients. You may choose to hire individuals who specialize in selling memberships to people who need them, or you may choose to take that into your own hands. Either way, it’s important to remember that you are not just selling a product—you are selling an investment in your customers' health and wellbeing.

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Successful Communication for Business Owners

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 22, 2021 4:15:14 PM

So, you’re interested in becoming a business owner, but don’t quite know if you have what it takes. Or perhaps you already are a business owner and you’re looking to brush up on your skills to ensure you’re doing everything you can to be successful.

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Morning Routines to Boost Your Productivity

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 19, 2021 1:28:47 PM

As an entrepreneur, you likely are always looking for ways to improve your productivity and chances of success. It’s only natural to want to do everything possible to ensure that you are being the best version of yourself possible, especially when your business & livelihood depend on it.

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Change is an Opportunity, Not a Threat

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 16, 2021 4:27:53 PM

It's a given that things in life are ever-changing. Hardly anything, if anything, stays the same, and change is an inevitable part of life. Much like everything else that happens in life, change can be hard and uncomfortable for some people.

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What Your Front Desk Says About Your Fitness Studio

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 10, 2021 2:59:49 PM

When clients or customers come into your fitness studio, there are two main places that leave a first impression on them.

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F45 Named a Top 100 Global Franchise for 2021

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 8, 2021 11:53:32 AM

F45 Training has been named #92 on the Franchise Direct Top 100 Global Franchise List for 2021! This comes on the heels of another recent rank on Entrepreneur’s 2021 Franchise 500 List.

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Setting Goals: A Guide for Business Owners

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 5, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Setting goals is an important part of being a successful business owner. A list of attainable goals can be the driving force in motivation for entrepreneurs to go above and beyond when it comes to their business. But what makes a goal worthwhile and how do you know when you’re setting the right goals? While it’s ultimately up to you what you put on your list of goals, we have a few tricks that may help you set realistic, attainable goals for your business.

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The Meaning of Team Training, Life Changing

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 2, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Our motto here at F45 is ‘Team Training, Life Changing.’ We take this motto very seriously, as it is the foundation of our whole company. This is more than just a saying—it gives our day-to-day work purpose and fuels our fire to strive to be the best in the business.

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Maximize Your Gains Without Maxing Out

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 1, 2021 10:00:00 AM

"In order to get ripped, you have to lift weights—and lift heavy." This statement has been ingrained in a lot of people's minds as the only way to get shredded and build muscles that everyone will be envious of.

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A Story of Expansion in Ireland by Gavin McConnon

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 28, 2021 9:00:00 AM

All F45 franchise owners have their own stories to tell. Our F45 family has a diverse group of people that come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Today, we are pleased to feature Gavin McConnon, a multi-studio owner in Ireland.

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Why Studio Managers Should QC Their Classes

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 26, 2021 2:47:58 PM

Quality control: noun, a system of maintaining standards in manufactured products by testing a sample of the output against the specification.

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Breaking Down the Importance of Functional Training

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 25, 2021 12:58:22 PM

The fitness industry is no stranger to 'buzzwords,' or phrases that seem to turn into trends. Some trends stick around for a few months, but then disappear into the background as quickly as they appeared. Other buzzwords, however, withstand the test of time and end up being a long-term, popular sector of the business rather than a temporary craze.

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F45 Training Ranked on Entrepreneur's 2021 Franchise 500 List

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 21, 2021 11:34:44 AM

F45 Training has jumped up 27 spots on Entrepreneur’s 2021 Franchise 500 List, securing the #41 ranking. This comes on the heels of a year that pushed the fitness industry in ways that were unheard of up until recently.

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What Gym Owners Need to Know About the Fitness Market in 2021

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 19, 2021 1:06:11 PM

The best way to have a bright future is to learn from the past. 2020 taught the fitness industry a lot, but the biggest thing it taught us is that we are resilient. This industry has been knocked down before, but it’s how to look towards the future that sets us apart from other markets and sectors of business.

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7 Ways to Destress: A Guide for Business Owners

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 14, 2021 11:44:58 AM

Ah—the end of a long work day as the owner of your own business. You may have enough time to cook dinner, visit with your family, or maybe you simply can only muster enough energy to shower and get yourself in bed at a decent hour. You do your best not to think about the tasks you have to do tomorrow or if you remembered to do everything on your to-do list today. You just want to relax and unwind.

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How Female Franchisees Can Turn Stats Into Strength

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 12, 2021 1:25:25 PM

A jarring and sobering statistic coming out of CNN Business: “Women ended 2020 with 5.4 million fewer jobs than they had in February, before the pandemic began. Meanwhile, men lost 4.4 million jobs over that same time period.” Moreover, in the month of December, women in the United States seemingly accounted for 156,000 jobs lost, whereas men actually gained 16,000 jobs throughout the month.

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Why the F45 Challenge Helps People Stay Accountable

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 8, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Most, if not all, people have experienced setting goals that they ultimately failed to follow through with in the end. Whether the particular goal focuses on training, nutrition, or self-care, it can be difficult to stick to and deflating to surrender to the idea of failure.

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10 Ways to Optimize Productivity as a Franchise Owner

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 6, 2021 12:44:15 PM

Clock in. Clock out. Repeat. After a while, the life of a business owner can seem monotonous. You may find yourself doing the same things every single day, seemingly to achieve the same results. You do what you can with the hours you are given in a day, but it just doesn’t seem like enough sometimes. Soon, you will ask yourself if you are being productive with your time and energy, or if you could improve in that area.

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Making the New Year Work for Your Franchise

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 4, 2021 9:00:00 AM

If you spend any significant time working in health and fitness, you start to notice certain themes and behaviors that tend to repeat themselves. For one, you know January is usually a time when fitness and health club memberships spike and people decide to finally start their fitness routine back up. Fast forward a few months, though, and many people's habits have fallen away as they get back into work and family routines.

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F45 Training is a global fitness training community specializing in innovative, high intensity group workouts which are fast, fun and proven to get rapid results for members. F45’s popular training method, together with its highly systemized business model has seen this fitness phenomenon explode across the globe, with over 2,000 franchises sold across 50+ countries.

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