4 Lies You Need to Stop Believing About Your Career

We have been conditioned  from a very young age to believe certain things that our career has to be finite from the day we enter the workforce. Most of us have been told starting in our adolescent years, that our career defines us and that we have to choose that path very carefully. 

While that may be true, there are a few lies that we think people are still feeding into. According to Life Hack, we don’t have to accept these as true any longer! 

Let’s jump in and discover how we can break free of the chains of the lies in which we’ve been ingrained to accept…

1. “I have to stick with this career, because it’s what I went to school for / what my major was in.” 

This one is interesting because from the moment we step foot in on our college campus, we are expected to make one decision that they are telling us will formulate the rest of our lives. How stressful does that sound?! Truth is, yes, your major can help you in the workforce.

But guess what? It doesn’t have to keep you chained to a career you don’t absolutely love. It’s never too late to switch careers and you aren’t going to fail just because it doesn’t align with your major! Who knows, you may have more experience in that particular field than you think! 


2.  “I’m not THAT unhappy, I can stick it out for a little while longer.” 

While this sounds like an innocent thing to tell yourself, this is actually based on a lie that we have been told from day one. We’ve been trained to accept that sometimes people just are miserable at their day jobs, and that’s just ‘how the cookie crumbles.’ We think that’s a rather unpleasant way to go about your life! You spend most of your time at your job and you deserve to be fulfilled day in and day out.

So, sure you may not be the most miserable person you can possibly be, but if you continue to stay in a toxic or unpleasant environment, you certainly will become that person. You don’t have to be in tears on your drive home every day to warrant a career change. Don’t let yourself get to that point of unbearable unhappiness. Sometimes it’s just time! 


  • 3. “I’ve invested too much time here to just start over. It seems like more trouble than it’s worth.”

This one is hard because of course, we want to validate the fact that you may have dedicated a lot of time and energy into the career path that you have built for yourself. While simultaneously respecting your past, it is important to remember that your future is still yet to be written.

Will it be a walk in the park and easy as pie? Who knows! But will it be fulfilling when you are able to wake up every morning excited to go to work? Absolutely! It may be a temporary uphill battle for you to find the next great adventure out there, but guess what — it IS out there and you CAN start over, with the right tools and support system. Give yourself more credit, you are capable of doing hard things! 


4. “The job market seems to be scarce and I just can’t find one that I love!”

The job market can be a very, very intimidating thing. We completely understand how overwhelming it is to find a job, let alone a new career entirely. However, we think that one of the most beautiful opportunities presents itself in these situations.

Have you ever thought about becoming your own boss and creating a job for yourself that you know you will love? Think about it: you can jump into an industry you are passionate about, you can be the keeper of your schedule and work/life balance and best of all, you can create a career for yourself that you will be proud of. Entrepreneurship is not out of the question just because you have had a traditional career in the past. Jump into a passion project and find out how far it can take you! 

If you find yourself agreeing with the four lies that we have pointed out above, know that it is perfectly okay to admit it — it feels as though we have all been fooled this whole time! When it comes down to it, the only limits that we have on ourselves and on our careers are the ones that we put on ourselves. You are capable of making that move into a field that you truly love and you are 100% deserving of a change in your career! Don’t let the fear mongering that we’ve been programmed to believe stop you from achieving your dreams. 


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