4 Reasons Why College Students Should Prioritize Regular Exercise

College students are traditionally notorious for struggling to balance academics, social life, healthy habits, extracurriculars, and happiness. To their parents or guardians, priorities are simple: get good grades and obtain your degree! For students, however, it’s more than that—it’s establishing a social life, enjoying their newfound freedom, and keeping their sanity along the way.

While we certainly think that all the aforementioned priorities are important for students, we would like to bring up a point of conversation that may have been lost along the way: taking care of their mental, emotional and physical health through regular exercise. F45 Training firmly believes that college students can change the way they are feeling and thinking (along with the added bonus of their physical health) by incorporating exercise into their daily routine, one way or another. 

Here are four reasons why college students should prioritize regular exercise.

1. Exercise is a mood-booster!

Some college students are more upfront about their emotions than others, but it’s important to remember that mental health matters. Research has shown that regular exercise can improve overall mood by boosting serotonin levels in the brain, leaving the individual feeling happy, energized and uplifted to take on the rest of his or her day. 

2. Regular exercise has been proven to help students focus more at school, as it is believed to help energize them and keep them focused throughout the day.

This means they’ll have more energy for their classes, homework, and any other activities they may need to be hyper-focused for. 

3. Let’s be honest: college is stressful! It’s full of tough assignments and long nights studying for exams.

Most college students are stressed and overwhelmed, and that is perfectly normal, but it doesn’t have to be their ‘forever’ state of mind. Exercise can actually help students feel less stressed and give them an outlet to channel their anxious or stressed energy into something positive, rather than into unhealthy behaviors such as binge drinking or drug usage.

4. When students get involved in group exercise, they can actually fight those ‘away at college blues’ that a lot of people feel.

Group training is a great way to meet new people that share your passion for health and fitness. When students regularly attend group training classes, such as F45 Training, they will get to know both the people they are working out with and the trainers. They can branch out of their comfort zone and make new friends, as well as find a place where they can truly unload for 45 minutes of their day. That sense of comfort is irreplaceable for college students who are feeling lonely and homesick. 

Whether students are looking to improve their depression, anxiety, separation anxiety, general mood or levels of focus, exercise may just be the answer. For the colleges that have an F45 Training studio located on their campus, their students are immediately given a chance to be a part of something great. Not only can they get a heart-pumping, calorie-torching workout in as little as 45 minutes, but they can find a sense of community at F45. Our trainers are always welcoming, and the environment that we have worked hard to build ensures that everyone is valued, no matter their fitness level or walk of life. We welcome college students with open arms and hope to give them the tools they need to have a great college experience, inside and outside the classroom! 

Are you interested in learning more about the F45 Collegiate Network and how your school can be a part of this growing community? We invite you to reach out to Ryan Mueller at [email protected] for more information!



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