5 Reasons Why You’ll Be Okay

There’s so much uncertainty in the world lately. People may find themselves wondering how they can possibly make it out of this particular period of their lives with the same level of security that they felt before this pandemic. You may not even have the same career or job that you started this pandemic with. You may have a different idea of what reality is and be longing for things to go back to the way they were before. Truth is, they won’t. But that’s okay, and here’s why.

Reason 1: Your Health 

This one may seem obvious, but most people need a subtle reminder of just how lucky they truly are to have the gift of health during this pandemic. If you are able to wake up in the morning and physically take on another day, you are already ahead of many others in the world. It should be a given, but your health is what matters the most. If you are lucky enough to be able to read this, you already have a leg up on people who may not have the simple pleasure of reading the newspaper or an article. 

Reason 2: Your Support System 

Although most of the interactions between you and your support system are likely virtual during this time, it is important to remember just how lucky you are to have them. If you have the distinct ability to call your friends, family or coworkers and verbally express your feelings, you are blessed. This is a perfect time to reconnect with people who may have slipped out of your inner circle. If you have a tight-knit group already, hold onto them. Making an effort to call them or video chat with them should not be seen as a burden, but rather a blessing and an opportunity to foster relationships through communication. 

Reason 3: You Have the Time 

Was your go-to excuse ‘I just don’t have time’? Did you find yourself making excuses to clean the yard, learn something new or simply teach your children something? Don’t worry, it’s totally normal! But now is your chance to embrace the extra time you have. The commute that you once loathed and took time out of your day? Gone. You can now learn something new, like a new language, a passion, or business venture. Time is on your side and you have the distinct ability to choose how you want to spend it. 

Reason 4: This Won’t Last Forever

It seems like this period of time is going to last forever, but it won’t. We will be on the other side of things eventually, we just may not necessarily know when. Remembering that most things in life are temporary is both a blessing and a curse. In this particular time, however, it is important to remember that it’s a bit of both. Right now, you have the ability to connect with your loved ones because you likely aren’t preoccupied with other commitments. While you may be relieved to hear that this time won’t last forever (trust us, we’re looking forward to it as well), there may actually be some aspects that you might miss, like extra time with loved ones, learning new things, passion projects, etc. 

On the flipside, however, remember that this won’t last forever and that you will come out on the other side of this particular point in time and life will move on. Which leads us into our fifth and final reason…

Reason 5: You Choose Your Destiny with Your Mindset

Mindset is everything, especially during these times. Are you choosing to sit in self-pity and complain about the fact you were let go or furloughed? Are you choosing to look at the glass half empty rather than half full? All of these choices will ultimately lead up to the biggest challenge of this pandemic thus far, and that is the way you come out on the other side. 

Your mindset will set you up for failure or success. One way to ensure that you will be okay is to take the time to pivot and shift your mindset. Choose to grow by nourishing your mind, body and soul. Ultimately, this is up to you. Are you going to sit back and watch the world pass you by, hoping and praying that this time in your life will end? Or will you choose to find a new passion project, business idea or hobby that will bring you joy, or even income?

When it comes down to it, you will be okay. We as humans are built to prevail and we will come back stronger than before. The comeback is greater than the setback, but only you can decide how powerful your comeback will be. We will get through this—together.

Image: Joint Base San Antonio

5 Reasons Why You’ll Be Okay




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