Are You F45 Franchise Ready?

At F45 Training, we often compare things to working out—because, well, we love working out, and the lessons you learn from exercise can often be applied to our daily lives. Let’s compare the process of deciding if a fitness franchise is right for you to a pre-workout warm-up.

You shouldn’t rush into any training session without first knowing what you’re looking to get out of the workout, choosing the right exercises, sequencing them correctly, and most importantly, ensuring your body is primed and ready to perform at its best.

Buying into any gym franchise system is a big decision, so it’s important that you “warm up” before you reach a conclusion. Doing so ensures that you know how the franchise model works, understand the challenges and pressures that you’re likely to experience, and have a greater chance of running a successful and sustainable business.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before committing to an F45 franchise. They’re designed to help you hit the ground running and get the most out of your franchise opportunity:

Do I understand what I’ll be selling?

Before deciding on a gym franchise, make sure that you have an idea of the actual product you’re selling. While it might seem like a question that should have an obvious answer, the F45 Training product is much more than just health and fitness. Our end product is a finely-tuned customer experience that goes beyond gaining muscle, losing fat, and having a bunch of fun at the same time.

A sense of real community, the ability to leverage the latest tech and fitness trends, and a drive to innovate and change people’s lives are all essential ingredients. Popping into an existing studio, talking to current members and franchisees, and making sure that you understand the power of the F45 network will give you a good idea of what has made F45 the world’s fastest growing fitness franchise network.

“Experiencing the experience” is important before deciding if F45 is a product you’re passionate about and is poised to give you the best chance of success.

Am I able to invest more than just money?

While personal training apps and virtual fitness are growing at an exponential rate, a real strength of F45 is face-to-face human connection at every touchpoint of our business.

As with any franchise, you’ll need to be able to take a hands-on approach to running your business, especially in the beginning when things are getting started. It’s vital that you are able to lead by example and create a unique culture and community for your studio. By opening an F45 franchise, you’ll take on a variety of different responsibilities as part of your day-to-day. You’ll need to be able to invest a lot of personal time and focus to get the return you’re looking for.

Will I be able to make the most of the F45 Training system?

Any strong brand regularly plays to its strengths. The most successful F45 franchisees provide a consistent experience for members and ensure the brand is represented uniformly.

Using the assets provided by F45 HQ, keeping up with the latest network news, innovations and products, and working within the brand guidelines are key to activating the power of the F45 brand.

Innovation and creativity thrive at F45, but good franchisees know the value of a strong franchise brand.

Have I found the right location?

One of the big reasons F45 continues to grow is due to its appeal across ages and demographics. Young, old, fit, unfit – everyone’s welcome. New products, like F45 Prodigy, are aimed at opening up new target markets.

However, you should still work to get an understanding of where your customers will most likely be coming from and when your studio will be busy. Your individual franchise will evolve and build its own identity over time based on its location and members, and you’ll need to keep this in mind.

Am I making a head decision or a heart decision?

The fitness industry runs on passion. It attracts people who really believe in its power to do good and, in many cases, who have changed their own lives and found all sorts of happiness through it.

First and foremost, a franchise decision is a business decision. Costs, hiring and looking after staff, marketing spend and sales remain a daily reality, especially in an industry as dynamic as ours.

Making a sound business decision first and then pouring your heart and passion into managing your studio, members and staff is the best approach for long-term success.

At some point, will I be able to let go?

You’ll always need to be aware of what’s going on in your business, but as it grows and if you look to expand, you’ll need to identify good people to manage projects and responsibilities.

Being a good manager and knowing how to attract and retain the best talent are skills that you’ll learn through the F45 franchise system. This will make it easier for you to delegate and maximize your time as a franchisee.


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