Are You Fit for an F45 Franchise?

Owning a fitness business through franchising has become an attractive proposition for not only traditional investors, but also exercise enthusiasts looking to make a big career move. 

Personal trainers, retired athletes and professionals seeking a departure from the corporate grind are among the nontraditional investors opening new locations. This gives them a piece of a unique industry, one that is evolving as big-box gyms make way for smaller studios.

Fitness franchisees in the United States are expected to make $4.3 billion in revenue across nearly 10,000 locations this year, and forecasts show continued growth over the next four years, according to the market research firm IBISWorld.

But while business conditions favor fitness companies that want to expand through franchising, it’s the nature of the business itself that has also helped turn would-be investors into owners.

“Fitness franchising gives someone who gets a kick out of wellness—which should be all of us—a means of generating an income and creating a lifestyle that is more aligned with his or her own values,” said Luke Armstrong, our global head of sales. 

Many F45 Training franchisees belong to one of four distinct groups, revealing seemingly divergent career paths that somehow meet in the same place—feeling gratified as a business owner for reasons that go beyond profitability.

Regardless of whether you’re a trainer, athlete, corporate refugee, or investor, if you’re passionate about the fitness franchising concept, are well-capitalized, and have high standards, you’re ready for this opportunity.

Read more in our recent Forbes BrandVoice feature, which highlights four F45 Training franchisees—one from each aforementioned group—and their journeys to franchise success.

Are You Fit for an F45 Franchise?



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