Australian Rugby League Sporting Stars Join the F45 Family

F45 has a very exciting announcement for the Australian Rugby League fans out there. Cameron Murray and Ryan Papenhuyzen are the latest additions to our incredible roster of F45 Ambassadors!

F45 is a community before it is a gym, and any great community is made up of multiple personalities. Our brand is connected by people with a common attitude; a desire to look, feel, and perform better in all aspects of their life. And this is what we love about Cameron and Ryan–both very different people yet connected by a desire to work hard and push past life’s obstacles. We love that Cameron and Ryan demonstrate the grit and resilience that so many of your members see in themselves.

Keep reading to find out more about the guys!


Australian rugby league player, Cameron Murray is a second-row forward from Sydney and has represented both NSW and Australia at the representative level. He joins F45 with a goal to inspire the community to feel and perform their best in all aspects of their life.

“As an athlete, I am driven by the targets I set for myself and my team, and there’s no better feeling than when your hard work delivers results. Winning a premiership has always been a dream of mine, and I hope to motivate other F45 members to kick their own goals. I’m humbled to be joining the F45 family, and to use my experience of training in a close-knit team to establish a sense of camaraderie, and to inspire F45 members to achieve something they are proud of,” said  Murray.


Star player Ryan Papenhuyzen is a fullback for the Melbourne Rugby League team in the National competiton. His self-discipline, determination and resilience to push through the boundaries will inspire the entire global F45 community. 

“While keeping fit is part of my job as a rugby league player, a huge element for me is ensuring I am still enjoying myself and having fun. F45 strikes the perfect balance between helping people achieve their fitness goals, while also creating a welcoming, community-based environment to do it in. I’ve always wanted to get out of my comfort zone and run a marathon, or start a business, and I know F45 is the ultimate starting point to accomplishing these milestones, both for myself and other members,” said  Papenhuyzen.


What are Cam and Ryan’s roles with our brands?
Ryan and Cameron’s role is the same as any stakeholder of F45; to represent and promote a lifestyle that makes them look, feel, and perform better–physically, emotionally, and culturally–using our portfolio of fitness and wellness products. We want the boys to become part of our community and to share their experiences with others to spread the word of F45 and its benefits. Our products are for anyone who shares that common goal, and like all brands, we need help getting the word out to as many people as we can.

How did it come into being? 
Rugby League is a big part of Australian culture, and we wanted a relationship with the sport given its alignment to our brand DNA; community, fitness, and tribalism. Our training modalities offer the perfect combination of a range of intensity, recovery, and tone workouts through F45 Training and FS8, complementing both Cameron and Ryan’s training regimens during and off-season.

 Who else has a similar role?
Olympian Morgan Mitchell and surfer Mick Fanning are also part of the F45 Group working alongside our brands, F45 Training and FS8. This is in addition to our relationships with Mark Wahlberg and David Beckham, et al, on a global scale.

What similarities do they have with those people?
The F45 Group’s roster of athletes all embody incredible self-discipline, determination, and a desire to achieve their full potential. They are a great representation of the F45 spirit with each bringing their own attitude and personality to champion and inspire our global community. They are both also very interested in business and given F45’s attractive franchise model as well as its global scale, we might even play a small role in helping them prepare for life outside of footy.

Please join us in welcoming Cam and Ryan to the F45 Family!



This could be a life changing opportunity.


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