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Better Together: 5 Advantages of Group Training

As people search for fitness opportunities in their area, there’s a continued need for unique concepts like boutique fitness, and group training alternatives within this space. People are craving that ‘community vibe‘ more than ever, especially after the ‘on-again-off-again’ two years we’ve all experienced! Now that we are well and truly ‘on-again’, people are particularly interested in personalised training experiences where they feel part of a community and are willing to pay a premium price for the best service available.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges a new gym-goer experiences is the type of exercise that they want to be investing in. There are so many options available when it comes to fitness. For someone that’s a newbie to fitness, weighing up the pro’s and con’s between group fitness and exercising alone might be a tough task! For some, group fitness is a no-brainer. It not only makes you accountable, but also has the social aspect as an added bonus. Whilst others enjoy popping in their headphones and doing their own thing- and we love that everyone is different.

If you have someone that is on the fence in deciding between either training alone or in a group, we have some sure-fire tips to help! We’ve narrowed down some key advantages of group training, and the benefits it has over training by yourself:

When working out in a group, people are less likely to cancel their workout because they know their fellow gym-goers are counting on them. Becoming a regular in a group training environment can make people feel part of a community and will encourage each other to attend classes together. This will be become an organic thing that will start happening, and in turn will create consistently busy classes in your studio.

It can be intimidating starting at a new gym or studio. Working out in a group can give a sense of comfort and peace in new environment, and allows members to feel at home in their new gym or studio. Everyone is in the same boat in a group session, so it can help newbies feel at ease.

This is what F45 lives and breathes- community! Whilst most gym-goers don’t necessarily look for new friends when searching for a gym or fitness studio, it might come as a bonus once they become familiar with other people in the class. Making new friends allows the workouts to be more enjoyable and gives members a chance to connect with people that have similar interests. A member’s studio can become like a family, as you are constantly doing something you like with like-minded people. If members are enjoying coming into your studio every day (and seeing new-found their friends), they will more likely become long-term members.

When members are feeling particularly unmotivated and low on energy, they can become more energised and motivated with the help of their fellow members. Feeding off each other’s energy can result in a better workout and an improved overall mood.

When training by yourself, you must make sure you have a plan of attack every time you go to the gym. In group training, this isn’t a thing. Someone else is responsible for planning the workout. You just turn up, follow the screens, do the exercises and high five your mates on the way out. Easy!

Everyone’s motivation to train is different, but we believe that group training is something everyone can get around. Make sure you highlight the points above and we think you won’t have any problem converting those newbies, into full-blown members!

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