Boosting Employee Motivation and Productively in 2022!

In past couple of years, and most recently since the pandemic, there has been a massive shift in the workplace. This shift has seen businesses change the way they function, reassess their core values and their culture. Its had a massive effect on how employers hire and retain their employees, but on the flip side, what employees seek from an employer and their company.

Long gone are the days where you come into the office, get your work done and then leave. Businesses are now focusing on providing shared values, goals and attitudes with employees, which is resulting in strong company culture and solid relationships.

The pandemic has no doubt effected everyone, but one positive takeaway is that it’s given us a chance to reevaluate our happiness within the workplace, what we value at work, and how we can provide a more productive and motivated team culture.

One-third of your life is spent at work, so being in a job you loath will evidently have a massive impact on your quality of life, your relationships and your career!

Earlier this year there was an economic trend that swept the US called ‘The Great Resignation’- also known as ‘The Big Quit’, which was (and still is) a movement resulting in a record number of employees quitting their jobs in hope of greener pastures.. in other words, a better job that makes them happy. Lockdown has allowed employees to reevaluate their work satisfaction, and find another job which aligns more with their values, goals and workplace happiness.

So, what makes a GREAT workplace environment, and how can we provide this to our employees to ensure productivity and long-lasting relationships?

“If employees are happy, you will see the benefits from that! Their morale goes up, their productivity goes up and their engagement goes up!” – Heather Brenes, F45 Corporate Business Development Director

On-Site Team Exercise

If you don’t feel good on the inside, you won’t perform well on the outside. We all know exercise is important and moving our body gives us the strength to fight against diseases and helps elevate mood. Providing your employees with physical activity can really ramp up motivation and productivity.

Giving the brain a rush of endorphins while getting fit really does benefit everyone, and this is why incorporating an on-site corporate fitness studio is a no-brainer. You can schedule on-demand workouts that can be played anytime of the day and can bring the team together! We suggest running lunchtime workouts to break up the day and boost energy. Employers can also provide a lifestyle spending account as a way to support physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing.

Encouraging Positive Mental Health

Mental health is more important than ever, and it’s something I’m sure everyone can relate to. One survey of employees found that 76 percent of respondents reported at least one symptom of a mental health condition in the past year. That’s an increase from 59% in 2019.

There are many different ways that employers can support their employees mental health, and ensuring that they have a healthy mindset in and outside of the workplace.

Employee Assistance Program’s (EAP) assist with problems employees might have that affect their job performance, motivation and general well-being. Creating a positive mental health environment can make all the difference. There are also other resources such like calming apps and also team bonding sessions which create better relationships and positivity.

Financial Support and Flexibility

Every year, personal finance is ranked as one of the highest causes of employee stress, and it no doubt impacts on work performance, mental health and absenteeism- as reported by Neyber. Here are some helpful ways that employers can support their employees in 2022:

Short-Term loans: are great ways to support employees in situations where they may need financial help in an unexpected event. These payments can be in the form of a payment plan or an agreed deduction from payroll.

Debt- Relief For Students: From 2008 to 2018, the average cost of college tuition increased by more than 25 percent! This has been flagged by employers and has provided an opportunity to support employees through student debt.

Support Programs: In the US, there are programs which help support employees who are suffering from financial stress. One common program used to address their employees’ financial wellness is by offering a 401(k).

If you’d like to explore F45’s corporate wellness options such as onsite corporate wellness studios, on-demand or live fitness training please book some time with Heather Brenes, F45 Training’s Director or Corporate Wellness, by clicking HERE.


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