Breaking Down the Importance of Functional Training

The fitness industry is no stranger to ‘buzzwords,’ or phrases that seem to turn into trends. Some trends stick around for a few months, but then disappear into the background as quickly as they appeared. Other buzzwords, however, withstand the test of time and end up being a long-term, popular sector of the business rather than a temporary craze.

One phrase in particular has taken the fitness industry by storm and proved its relevance time and time again—functional training. But what is functional training and why is it important? We break down the importance of this type of training and why it’s here to stay.

Functional training is just that—functional.

This type of training allows you to improve your balance, coordination, flexibility, and mobility while doing everyday tasks. Unlike other types of training, functional movements are incorporated into workouts that allow you to strengthen the muscles you use every single day to do basic movements! This will improve your overall fitness and health in a multitude of ways.

With that being said, functional training can actually decrease your chances of getting injured during daily tasks and in the gym.

After doing this type of workout, gym-goers are more likely to be aware of both the movement in their bodies and the method in which they should be moving throughout the day. For example, a squat in the gym doesn’t only help shape your legs and glutes, but it also helps you learn how to pick things up properly and avoid straining or hurting yourself! So, gym-goers who perform functional training movements or attend functional training classes reap the benefits both physically and mentally, which is greatly beneficial to their overall health.

Speaking of movements, it’s important to point out that there’s a variety of exercises that can be incorporated into a functional training routine, which avoids boredom from the same old exercises day after day.

Functional movements range from squats and lunges to push-ups and bicep curls. The truth is, functional training is exhilarating and leaves people wanting more because they never know what they are going to get when they sign up for a class. It’s a new way to engage the mind, body, and soul! 

Although trends in the fitness industry come and go, some things are just here to stay. There are certain fads that seem to die out as people lose their interest, but one thing is for certain—functional training is here to stay and we are looking forward to continuing to train people with this method! 

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Breaking Down the Importance of Functional Training



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