Change is an Opportunity, Not a Threat

It’s a given that things in life are ever-changing. Hardly anything, if anything, stays the same, and change is an inevitable part of life. Much like everything else that happens in life, change can be hard and uncomfortable for some people.

For business owners in particular, change can cause stress, anxiety, and feelings of uneasiness. After all, there’s so much on the line when it comes to their business. Will the changes in question put their hard work in jeopardy? Will the changes be well-received by their employees and customers? Is the change going to do more harm than good? 

These questions are all extremely valid, and we sympathize with the feeling of being terrified of change. However, at F45 Training, we feel that change is a good thing, and when received with open arms, can actually be an opportunity for business owners. We break down the reasons why below.

Instead of mourning the thing that is changing, try looking ahead to the possibilities and the doors that are opening right ahead of you.

For example, if your franchisor is asking for you to incorporate a new software that will help you stay more organized, try looking at it as a ‘glass half-full’ situation. Sure, you may have used the previous software long enough to become so familiar with it that it was second nature, but think of all the possibilities that lie ahead. Perhaps this software will free up some time for you to focus on other tasks that you haven’t had time for.

Celebrate trying new things, rather than being afraid of them.

Being a business owner is something to be celebrated, but over time, many business owners find themselves stuck in the monotony of their daily tasks and forget to embrace their entrepreneurial spirits and celebrate their wins. A change can bring a fresh new perspective on your business, as well as light a fire within you to rediscover your love for what you do. We try to encourage our franchise owners to celebrate their small successes along the way, including the adoption of a new idea or a small change in their daily operations. 

When done properly and implemented appropriately, change can bring growth and additional opportunities for business owners.

At F45, we always act in the best interest of our customers and franchisees alike. We will always take our time to quality control any changes we are thinking of implementing to ensure that it’s the best thing for our network and the general health of the company. When implemented correctly, the changes we may introduce into our franchise network can promote growth and expansion for our franchise owners, rather than something to be feared. We take our promise to our franchise owners very seriously and look forward to delivering changes that will only elevate their franchise experience with us, rather than make it more difficult for them.

We know that change can be uncomfortable and can feel like a threat to your daily routine, the business model you have learned to love, and the general comfort that you have felt running your business. It’s understandable that you may be apprehensive about change, but try to remember that you can shift the way your mind perceives change as a whole. Instead of fearing it and avoiding it, try leaning into it and looking at it as a new challenge or new opportunity to conquer. 

With F45 Training by your side, you will never have to face change alone. We are always here for our franchise owners and will continue to provide them with all the tools they need to be as successful as possible. If you’re ready to be a part of the F45 franchise family, reach out to us today. We will be here for you every step of the way!

Change is an Opportunity, Not a Threat



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