Converting Newcomers and Retaining Members!

So, you’ve built your F45 empire, now its time to change some lives! Owning an F45 means seeing a constant flow of faces through your studio doors, some of which are regular members, and some new faces; all coming together with a common goal- to get fit and healthy!

Creating a space where people feel comfortable and motivated is imperative to your business, and you want it to be somewhere where people want to be every day!

Aside from your regular F45 members, you might see some new people dropping in for a few classes or just a one-off. So, how do you convert those new faces into regular members? And how do you retain the members you’ve already got to stay long-term?

Here are some helpful tips for converting newcomers into regular members and also sustaining your already converted F45 family.

Build Your Community

F45 Training is all about COMMUNITY, and don’t we know it! We absolutely pride ourselves on our global community, and of course our local communities that our awesome studios have built. It’s our point of difference, and you have the power to create something truly unique within the 4 walls of your studio. One of the biggest influences for drop-in members is showing them the community they can be a part of!

Understanding Member Goals

It’s important to understand the goals of your members and your leads, because let’s face it, everyone’s goals are different. Having the conversation at the start is essential. You need to get to know your members and determine what they want to achieve. You might have a new member who is wanting to build muscle and tone up, although this might be a completely different goal to another member. Whatever their goal is, it’s important to work together and make them heard.

Welcoming New Members 

Being a newbie in a new community may be daunting for some people, especially when you are on your own! It’s important to remember that everyone is different and some people might not be as outgoing as others. It’s great to get members involved in challenges and making every member an integral part of your studio. For example, using the F45 Challenge is a great way to not only challenge your members, but also creates a healthy team building competition which encourages everyone to get involved.

Also, a welcome email and text are great, but let’s be honest, it’s not personal at all. Get connected with your members and leads! Developing a one-to-one relationship and remembering their names and goals is what makes them feel part of your community.

Showcase Your Member Results

People want results so it’s great to showcase the amazing effort members have put in. Showing what has been achieved is a great way to motivate current members and encourage those who aren’t members yet. Be proud of what your studio and members have achieved and share your results with future leads!

Define Your Studios Offering

Make sure you let people know what the benefits are of becoming a member in your studio. Make it clear what your membership rates are and how becoming a member will unlock certain benefits e.g., cheaper rates, class booking priority, invitations to member events.

Show your members what’s so unique about your F45 family! You have an amazing studio, a friendly and upbeat atmosphere, motivated trainers and staff, some seriously amazing results and an unreal vibe… what more could you want?!

Build An Active Online Presence 

Social media is where people go to find product and service advice. Building a positive online presence is key. Your social channels are essentially the face of your business, and it has potential to make or break. Having a positive online presence can help you build brand recognition! so keeping your social channels active and up to date has the ability to influence members! Having positive feedback and reviews is powerful and has a big role in converting leads.

Encouraging Members

You want to make people feel comfortable and motivated in your studio. Whether it’s their first day on the studio floor, or a long-term member who is completing their 10th F45 Challenge. Making your staff and trainers approachable is critical, and that’s what will keep members sticking around long-term.

We find a great way to encourage members is to have a member of the month. This highlights that every member is an important building block in your community and their efforts are being recognised! This might also be the motivational push to help other members go the extra mile to meet their goals. Whatever level your members are at, it’s important to remember that functional training is for everyone, no matter what ago or fitness level.

Remember to Keep in Touch

Make sure you keep in touch with everyone that comes into your studio! You may have a bunch of people visiting your studio, but it’s important to create a friendship with everyone and to feel part of your community. People will respond better to a positive environment instead of a sales pitch. Make them feel part of your F45 family and you will reap the benefits long-term!



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