Culture That Crushes It

When it comes to culture inside of a group fitness studio, it isn’t just about the style and appearance of the studio itself. It’s about the fundamental core beliefs of the brand and the way in which trainers and staff embody and demonstrate those beliefs and values. Culture is the branded gear employees wear, the music played during sessions, and the motivation amongst members.

Each fitness studio has to find its own niche in the industry, and in turn, must find its own type of culture. Each studio will have its own distinct studio environment, whether it be focused on having as many classes each day as possible or ensuring that the music is always on point. Whatever it is, it’s unique to each brand. For F45 Training, the focus is on promoting a culture that puts members first—always.

F45 Training Puts You First

Every franchise owner has to go through a week-long franchisee induction before his or her studio opens, which ensures all franchisees are operating their studios according to our brand standards and values. This means that our franchisees emulate positivity, collaboration, and teamwork. Of course, they learn the logistics and processes of our company, but more importantly, they experience the F45 culture through interaction and working out alongside their fellow franchisees each day. Our franchisees leave induction excited and eager to bring the F45 culture to their trainers and studio members! 

As for our members, they are treated like a part of the F45 family from the moment they book their first class and walk into an F45 studio. They are approached and welcomed by the trainers, who will take the time to describe the layout of the studio and give an overview of that day’s session. F45 members are also known to go out of their way to introduce themselves to newer members, cheer them on during the session, and encourage them to come back.

The success of a group fitness studio depends on the loyalty and happiness of its members, which is why it is so important for studios to put clients’ needs before all else.

F45 Trainers Care About Your ‘Why’

Trainers can not only make or break your daily training sessions, but they can actually heavily impact the health and longevity of a group fitness studio. If members aren’t motivated and inspired by their trainers, they likely will not want to return. At F45 Training, the trainers truly care about their members and are determined to help them reach their goals—whether fitness-related or personal. Trainers at big-box gyms aim to strengthen their members physically, but may lack the sort of one-on-one, personalized experience that F45 offers its members. F45 trainers focus on strengthening members mentally and physically through positive affirmations and encouragement.

First-Name Basis and Inclusivity 

Most of F45 members are on a first-name basis with their trainers and fellow members, which makes for a fun, inclusive and communal atmosphere. Members often follow a certain class routine, whether it be 6 A.M. before work or 5 P.M. after work, which means they see the same familiar faces every day. As a result, F45 becomes a second family for many members—a group of like-minded friends that keep each other accountable, motivated, and committed.

Some members may drop in randomly for their training sessions and attend whichever class fits into their schedule. No routine? No problem! Each member is treated with respect and as more than just a paying customer. After sweating it out together and getting an endorphin high sure to last the whole day, the encouragement and cheers from fellow members are sure to leave a smile on F45 members’ faces. 

Community & Networking

As aforementioned, the premise of F45 lies in building a community environment. We think of the studios as safe spaces where individuals come from all backgrounds to bond over their passion for health and fitness. Finding a space like this benefits a wide variety of people, whether it be newcomers to big cities, individuals hesitant about starting a new workout routine, or those just venturing out into new avenues of exercise. This is a place for people to unplug for 45 minutes of their day and just simply get in a good sweat. In an F45 studio, it doesn’t matter who our members are or what they do for a living—what matters is that they showed up for themselves and their fellow members. They are showing up for the network and the community.

Speaking of networking, many F45 Training studios host team bonding events (such as hikes and mixers) for members to get to know each other better outside of the studio. This takes community and teamwork to the next level. The goal is simple: motivate people to be the healthiest and happiest they can be, inside and outside of the studio. 

Between its unbreakable community and unbeatable culture, F45 is truly crushing it. It’s a phenomenon worth getting behind. Will you watch from the sidelines or jump headfirst into the company that is pushing the boundaries in the fitness industry?

Culture That Crushes It



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