Hell of a lot of new fitness classes popping up around London these days, most of them with some strange name that offer absolutely no explanation as to what they actually are. So how do you know if it’s worth actually trying them out? Well, luckily for you, we’re here to help explain. You know, we’re kind of nice like that.

So what is F45? Well, it’s a series of fitness classes originating from Australia – apparently its pretty popular over there with people like Nicole Kidman and Ricky Martin (yes, Ricky Martin!) all giving it a go at one time or another. Over the past couple of years it’s made its way across the sea to loads of other countries, with a whole heap of them popping up in London.

Sure, the name may sound like a fighter jet, but it actually stands for functional training (as in the exercises you do) and 45 minutes, which is the standard time for a class. Nice and easy, once you’ve taken the time to look into it.

We’ve done a couple of classes before and we’re not lying when we say it’s tough. But tough is good when you’re trying to get results. Ruddy well planned as well. The kind of class where it goes by pretty quickly. Which is kind of what you need when you’re covered in sweat, screaming at the damn battleropes in your hands that won’t move any more.

But instead of listening to us moan about the fact we probably need to do a bit more exercise, we decided to speak to the Global Athletic Director for F45, Dan Conn and find out what makes it so good.

In a city where new gyms and boutiques seem to be opening every week, what makes F45 different?

We have a unique concept that we pride ourselves on not being intimidating for any attendee, while also being the most effective, engaging, results-based form of team training in the world. We have an innovative and motivating training formula, which focusses on the fact that we never repeat a workout. We like to create a social atmosphere, encouraging members to meet new friends, have fun and keep things as simple as possible. Workouts, including form and rotations, are displayed and ready to go when you arrive – just turn up and the amazing trainers are there to motivate and get you through it!

How does F45 cater for people of different abilities?

We have both progression (advanced) and regression (beginner) on all of the 5000+ exercises in our data base. We can make things easier or harder for both first timers and athletes, allowing them to train side-by-side and still have an amazing workout.

Can you sum up F45 in one sentence?

The world’s most innovative and motivating HIIT training with an electric, friendly team atmosphere.

What exercise are people most scared of in your workouts?

One of our main goals is to ensure that no one is intimidated or scared of any of our exercises. We’ve taken away the risk factor of heavy Olympic lifts, and our highly-trained coaches train our members to perform exercises that they may be familiar with, as well as new movements.

What in your eyes are the big things coming up in fitness over the next couple of years?

I strongly believe technology is at the forefront of the future of fitness.

Technology, and the digital era, has revolutionised the way we live and work, and is now making strong headway into the way we train. At F45, we use technology to enhance the member experience and make the rewards much more immediate. Multiple monitors strategically placed around the room help to guide the user through their workout, real-time heart rate monitoring gives immediate feedback on the client’s effort levels, and our smart phone app delivers a post-workout activity report, to name just a few benefits.

This year will see us incorporate more game play into the experience by allowing members to play off against each other, regardless of which F45 studio in the world they happen to be training. We see “gamification”, and the idea of friendly competition, becoming a major trend in fitness which is only in very early stages currently.

Where do you see F45 heading in the next five years?

There are no restrictions, we want to see them all over the world. In 3 years we’ve expanded into 25 countries around the world, including some you’d least likely expect. Next, we’re setting our sights on every state in America!

What’s your favourite workout track?

We have so many, but I love hip-hop on our resistance days. Lifting weights, teamed with some good beats, alongside friends is the best way to workout.

Have you met any famous people at F45, and were they any good at it?

Tonnes! From Hollywood actors to singers such as Benji Madden and Ricky Martin, famous athletes including Russell Wilson (quarterback for the Seattle Sea Hawks) and NBA players. I could name almost every sport and there would be a few top athletes who have done F45 to mix up their own training routines.

We also have huge social media profiles, with millions of followers and are considered the elite in their fields, which like to attend an F45 session – it’s actually a regular occurrence! Even the super stars like to have fun training.


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