Expanding the UK & European Market: F45 HQ Spotlight

Michael Dean has always been in sales in some capacity during his career. He always enjoyed selling the products or services that his job required him to do, but it wasn’t until he met Luke Armstrong of F45 HQ that he realized what he was missing in his career: passion for the product. And, this is what sparked the F45 gym franchise in the UK.

Mike had the pleasure of meeting Luke in London, where he was traveling with the sole intent to spread awareness about F45, the brand and the business model that F45 offers. After taking a few F45 classes and chatting with Armstrong, Mike was excited about the workouts and the franchise model. He had found his next great adventure!

Dean fondly recalls his first F45 experience: “I walked on the floor of my first class honestly thinking it was going to be a breeze, but I crawled off realizing I wasn’t nearly as close to what I thought “fit” was. Coming from a much more traditional gym background, such as single movements squats, press etc. it seemed sweaty but slick. It was a phenomenal workout but also clean and sophisticated at the same time. “

Since he took the leap of faith to join the company in 2017, Dean has been working out of the UK office, where his role has been to help develop and expand the UK & European market. It has been an intense few years for the UK team, as they have expanded from just Mike in the office, working along in the back of local studios, to having a staff in the double digits. Not only has the office presence expanded, but the brand has taken on a new life in the UK market, as they’ve watched it grow from roughly 20 studios to about 150 (and counting!).

When asked about the F45 franchise network and family, Mike Dean can be found beaming and eager to discuss the opportunity with anyone who will listen. He’s passionate about recruiting and retaining the best of the best for this network, because he truly believes that the franchisees are what sets F45 apart from the competition.

“I often get asked who my ideal franchisee is, and the beautiful thing about F45 is that there’s no ‘one shoe fits all’ approach towards who belongs in this network and who doesn’t. I can tell you that the operators who tend to loathe rolling up their sleeves and getting in the weeds may not succeed as much as others. However, on the flip side, otherthinking can often be detrimental, so it’s important to strike a balance. I always tell my potential franchisees that if they are concerned about gaps in their knowledge, they’re given the opportunity to surround themselves with a quality team to assist.”

“Whether it’s through F45 HQ or the studio employees the franchisee has hired, there will always be a helping hand along the way. That’s a huge benefit of franchising with F45; knowing you have a team behind you will provide a full business solution.We’re not quite a “gym in a box” but I don’t think we’re far off. Everything we’ve built is streamlined and systamized for our franchise owners. I firmly believe our model is unlike any other concept, and that we have revolutionized the fitness industry with what we offer our network!”

As he looks towards the future, Mike Dean sees nothing but potential for F45 Training. From his perspective, F45 is just getting started. The agile nature of our model means we are here to stay, and with people like Mike Dean representing our band, who’s to say how far the limit is for this company?

One thing is for certain: the F45 family is always looking to expand, especially when it comes to finding new franchisees to help propel our network into new stratospheres within the industry. It can be an intimidating thing, to seemingly uproot your life in order to take the next step towards the career of your dreams. However, Mike Dean has lived it, and he’s proof that it pays off in the end.

When reflecting on his accomplishments thus far, Mike feels a sense of pride towards the change he made back that fateful day in London. He really feels as though he broke the cycle that most people feel stuck in.

“Becoming a part of the F45 network and family enabled me to leave the desk behind. Like with a vast amount of our franchises looking to get out of the corporate cycle, F45 allows me to do so much more than sit in front of a screen for 9 hours a day. My role literally allows me to workout with prospective franchisees, with the genetic 2021 ​​sedentary lifestyle being the norm you can’t ask for much more. My advice to anyone who is looking to make this change, having done so myself? Do it. Your future self will thank you.

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