F45: A Powerhouse Fitness Concept

The boutique fitness industry has quickly become a global phenomenon, changing the health and wellness world forever. Here at Australian-founded F45 Training, we are pushing to rapidly expand within the fitness space—getting louder as we conquer the U.S. market.


Using the smartest combination of strength and cardio, we offer a 45-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout designed to torch calories the F45 way. Created by sport scientists and elite athletes, our unique, team-based workouts include an array of interval stations and feature 36 distinct workout systems. With more than 3,000 exercises in our database, our clients almost will almost never do the same workout twice.

Our approach is simple: 

Known for our ability to bring heart-pumping functional training to our members in 45 minutes, people are catching on in a big way. The brand has grown to more than 2,000 franchises sold in 50 countries, outpacing both McDonald’s and Subway in their early growth periods. The rapid expansion is likely the result of our scalable business model, as well as the incredible consumer response to our training style.

Our expansion is an indication that there’s demand in the market for a unique fitness franchise. F45 seeks to fill the gap between a traditional gym, where people pay a small membership fee to work out alone, and a personal training session, which can be expensive. People may be pressed for time in their daily lives, but they’re still looking for a great workout with support and encouragement from fitness professionals. It’s just icing on the cake that our workout allows members to be in and out in 45 minutes, torching calories along the way.

This is the difference between us and others in the industry. When you enter an F45 studio, you get instant access to a dynamic and supportive team environment, led by world-class coaches who motivate and challenge members in each session.


Fitness is not the only element at the heart of F45 Training—we also pride ourselves as a leader in the technology space. Inside our studios, members will find F45tvs guiding them through their workouts, allowing coaches to provide hands-on support and encouragement.

Our focus is on delivering a consistent experience for our members, time and time again. This includes tracking our members’ workouts during the 45 minutes they spend in the studio. We proudly have a real-time heart rate monitor (F45 Lionheart) and gamification software to ensure our members get a high-quality training experience in each workout they attend.

Motivation is key. From encouraging coaches to the community environment of each studio, F45 members are driven to push themselves during every class. For those days where members might need an extra push, our heart-pumping playlists keep the energy up and inspire class-goers to keep on moving. These playlists are one less thing our franchisees to have to worry about, so they can focus more on premier customer service and less on the music.  

Yep, you guessed it—there’s more.

Our revolutionary platform seeks to engage our members more than the traditional gym. That’s why we have traditional rules and point-scoring to create friendly challenges among our members, both inside the studio and across social media platforms. The innovative experience harvests a continued sense of community (and a healthy sense of competition) among members, creating another unique point of difference in the marketplace. 


The concept is endorsed by celebrities and relied on by professional athletes. F45 is already one of the most in-demand franchise concepts in the world, and with continued U.S. growth on the horizon, F45 is poised to become the biggest brand in both the franchise and fitness industries.


F45 has seen exponential growth in the past several years since exploding into the fitness industry. We are pushing to continue expanding across the globe for years to come. 

Armed with what we believe to be the simplest, smartest business system in the fitness industry, our franchisees completely eliminate time spent on many of the unnecessary distractions that plague business owners. As a result, they can focus on value-added tasks that improve their lives in the process.

Saving even more valuable time, F45 HQ provides daily training programs to our franchisees and a fully automated back-end infrastructure, letting our franchisees focus on the key value drivers in their business rather than being consumed by hours of administrative duties and paperwork.

Instead of relying on large studio square footage, expensive equipment, and an army of staff to run the business, our modest requirements let franchisees get started quickly and easily. 

F45 franchisees enjoy a greater work/life balance while earning a substantial income, and most importantly, they can follow their passion of living an active lifestyle and help others do the same. Owners are not required to have professional fitness certifications but are encouraged to leverage skillsets developed in other industries. By creating a user-friendly . business model, F45 Training is helping to improve not only the lives of members, but franchisees.
– Global Franchise Magazine

F45: A Powerhouse Fitness Concept



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