F45 Announces Challenge Meals


Since 2012, F45 Training has been on a mission to create a community-based workout that features the most dynamic and effective training styles to date. With that goal in mind, F45 is constantly seeking out new technology, workouts and programs that allow for the success of not only individuals looking to achieve their health and weight loss goals, but also F45 franchise owners.

One of the most successful programs to date is the F45 Challenge, with one of the top highlights being the F45 Challenge Meals. After seeing the incredible success of the Challenge Meals across Australia, F45 Training sought a new partner, Kettlebell Kitchen, to deliver Challenge Meals across North America.

Commitment is made convenient with these healthy, ready-made Challenge Meals. Kettlebell Kitchen is a perfect partner for F45–both share a common vision of helping others achieve their goals through health & fitness. Kettlebell Kitchen offers meal plans that are tailored to individual needs and optimal performance, and based on the belief that people should enjoy what they eat without sacrificing taste.

Challenge Meals are extremely beneficial for franchisees. They are a great marketing tool to increase awareness of and engagement with your studio and the overall F45 brand. Additionally, they promote a healthy lifestyle and show members that prioritizing health & wellness does not necessarily have to be difficult and time-consuming.

As always, we are constantly seeking new solutions and partnerships in order to continue building the F45 brand and providing successful tools for franchise owners. We are dedicated to being on the cusp of innovation and at the forefront of technology, and our partnerships–both current and future–reflect this.

For additional information, check out https://www.chmeals.com/.

F45 Announces Challenge Meals



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