F45 Believes Innovation Belongs in the Fitness Industry

Have you ever found yourself in a new workout routine, feeling energized and motivated one day and the next feeling a bit burnt out? It’s completely normal and understandable to feel that way when you are committing yourself to a stagnant routine. F45 takes a different approach when creating our fitness programs and focuses on innovation and constantly evolving, in an effort to keep things interesting and fun for both our franchisees and our members. 

Most fitness programs on the market today focus on tried and true exercises that have been around for ages. While those exercises and approaches certainly have a place in fitness programming, it is important that studios and fitness professionals seek out new techniques, technology and methods that will keep their members moving forward rather than staying stagnant in their progress. 

At F45, we believe that workouts should be rooted in science and programmed specifically to push our members to their full potential, while being kind to their bodies. That’s why we have developed 45 systemized and unique workouts that aim to target different parts of your body, depending on the type of workout. 

Each category of workouts was designed to challenge our members to torch calories, push their bodies and to overall feel good after leaving our studio. The four different types of workouts we have are: cardio, resistance, hybrid and recovery. We believe that our movements in each workout should never stay the same, or else our bodies and minds will become bored and tune out. 

Our workouts combine HIIT movements with circuit and functional training so that our workout combinations seem fresh and new each time. We don’t rely on old and antiquated gym equipment to get our members in shape, as our trainers and programmers are always looking for fun new exercises that will burn calories and generate energy within our member base. 

We also take great pride in leaning into innovation when it comes to incorporating technology into our workouts. F45 truly believes that when we put in the effort to deliver high quality technology to our members in the studio, they will feel and notice the difference compared to our competitors. We are constantly pushing ourselves to better the in-studio experience through our technological platforms, including but not limited to:

  • F45tvs that help members stay on track during class
  • F45 on demand workouts 
  • Heart Rate technology 
  • Upbeat and lively music to keep classes high energy 

Our team will always use its resources to find new trends and innovations that will help F45 and our members grow together. We will never pretend that we don’t have room to improve, and we are not too proud to make changes or upgrades each year to capitalize on new innovations. Here at F45, we are committed to working alongside technology and changes in the fitness industry, not against it. 

We believe our approach towards embracing technology and innovation serves as a way for both our members and our franchisees to set us apart from the competition. Members will never get tired of our workouts because they are constantly evolving and changing.  For potential franchisees, they can rest assured that F45 HQ is always looking to better our training systems and will forever push ourselves to be better. The business will continue to push forward towards greatness and we will continue to deliver high quality training programs, laced with technology and innovation. We are more than a fitness program and that is something we are very proud of. 

If you are interested in learning more about the business opportunities that F45 Training has to offer you, please reach out to a member of our team today. We would be happy to discuss your personal and professional goals, and how they can potentially line up with F45’s goals as well. We hope to welcome you into the F45 Training family in the future and work together to continue to deliver what we believe to be the world’s greatest workouts, laced with technology and innovation. F45 Believes Innovation Belongs in the Fitness Industry



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