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How Our Brand Recognition Benefits F45 Franchisees

Oct 26, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Brand recognition is a big factor for potential fitness franchise investors. Buying into a brand that has an established name, identity and presence in the market can make the franchisee’s life significantly easier during, and particularly after, set up. F45 provides that kind of brand recognition that franchisees are able to leverage to make a successful start to the running of their business. Take a look at the benefits of our brand recognition, as well as how you can continue and elevate the established reputation of the brand.


Lowered Risk

Investing in an established franchise, particularly one that has been around for a number of years such as F45 (founded in 2012), reduces the potential risks for first-time franchisees. As a well recognized brand, it has credibility, a proven business model visible by its global reach across the globe, supportive advertising and marketing efforts, and the capital to offer potential investors a worthy opportunity.



Investing in a nationally, and internationally recognized brand means you benefit from the overarching marketing efforts of a bigger company. Between public relations, brand partnerships, and brand marketing, F45 can be found everywhere, helping each studio naturally gain traction from broader efforts, nationally. In addition to the national and global level advertising, F45 helps guide studios to get local members into their classes by providing tailored marketing plans with recommended partners.


Choosing to invest in an established business often means there are various training and supportive tool available to you. From the initial induction program and training, to ongoing physical and online support teams, a franchisee receives assistance from the start. Whether you’re never owned a franchise before, or have owned a number of franchises, franchisors can offer help with selecting the location and setting up the space, all the way to systems training. F45 offers a 24 hour online support team, modern I.T. systems, general business training and support as well as advertising guidelines.

While investing in a franchise offers numerous benefits through brand recognition, franchisees must contribute towards their own local marketing to make their studio a success. Remember the following when considering a franchise investment:

  • Understand the brand - Take the time to understand the brand’s objectives, goals and key messages. This will ensure all advertising efforts are line one another.
  • Consistency is key - Keeping your messages consistent in tone, content and frequency, both existing and potentially new members will get a clear and concise idea of what your franchise offers.
  • Localized marketing - Whether you decide to invest in one franchise, or a few, each will have their own unique market. We can help you understand who you’re advertising to and how to speak to them specifically.
  • Make use of support -  Struggling in silence will not allow you or your new franchise to blossom. With our support and training available, make use of the resources at your disposal in order to make the best possible attempt at success.

Brand recognition is certainly comes with a number of positives for those looking to invest in a business venture. From decreased risk and advertising guidelines, to latest technology and ongoing support, having an established brand name behind you certainly helps. If you are interested in hearing more about our brand, please contact us below.

F45 Training is a global fitness training community specializing in innovative, high intensity group workouts which are fast, fun and proven to get rapid results for members. Endorsed by celebrities and athletes alike, F45’s popular training method, together with its low-cost, highly systemized business model has seen this fitness phenomenon explode across the globe, with over 800 franchises sold across 27 countries in 3 years.

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