At F45 Training, we’re always working to create a better product for our franchisees and members. It means constantly refining our workouts and approach to training, incorporating the latest technology, and making sure that our members see rapid results and love every second they spend in the studio. 

But it goes beyond that. If you’ve ever taken part in an F45 Training workout, you know that there’s something beyond the exercise selection, music and equipment that defines the experience and keeps members coming back for more. It’s a true sense of inclusion and community—which all of the above feed into—that ultimately creates something beyond the 45 minutes spent in the studio and gives members the feeling that they’re part of something bigger.

It’s an approach that has led the brand to be jokingly referred to as a “cult” by some, which is actually something we take as a compliment and is a huge part of our success. For members, this sense of community makes them feel accountable to one another when it comes to consistently putting the work in. It also means that members are able to feed off a collective energy and sense of supportive, friendly competition, which fuels motivation and makes sure that they get the most out of every session. It makes our members one of our most powerful marketing tools, all of whom are more than happy to tell anyone exactly how much fun they’re having in the studio.

While this increases trials through word of mouth, it also drives member loyalty and retention, giving franchisees a real advantage over their competitors. This is especially valuable during a new franchise’s start-up period, when support is vital.

Of course, it does help that we operate in an industry that keeps people healthy & happy and largely represents the chance to escape from daily stress, but there are things that we push for as a business to try and encourage that sense of belonging.

As with any franchise business, consistency is key. Staff training, internal communication tools and standardized workouts help create the F45 Training brand DNA and a personality that is instantly recognizable to members, franchisees and staff alike. While initiatives like the F45 Challenge, networking events and targeted social media challenges add further depth and value to the community, a key point to remember is that any community should ultimately become self-sustaining. This allows members to guide and contribute to the conversation, which is vital.

The truth is, while we can try to break down and define exactly what’s behind our success, having over 1,750 studios across 45+ countries is a testament to the fact that we’re getting something right. The only way to truly understand it is to pull on your sneakers and get down to your closest studio (or better yet, open your own franchise!)—you might even convince someone else to do the same.