The success of a franchise depends largely on the happiness of its franchisees. Even if a franchise has a great brand, system, and support team, it will not be successful without motivated and dedicated franchisees. Staying close to franchisees is a big part of both the culture and strategic health of the overall company, and is one of F45 Training’s top priorities.


F45 prides itself on being not only a franchise network, but a support network. HQ staff, franchisees, trainers, and members are all supportive of one another’s successes and ventures. F45 North Weston’s Miguel Zurita speaks highly of this teamwork: “Beyond the incredible support of our member base, we have also been blessed with a tremendous amount of support from other F45 owners as well as the staff at F45 HQ. Just before we were opened, we were below our membership goals. With one call to the team at HQ, we were enrolled in one of the marketing packages which delivered an abundance of quality leads.”


It’s common knowledge that passion-driven franchising produces the best returns. If franchisees aren’t passionate about the company’s offering and overall mission, the extremely profitable opportunity of franchising can end up feeling like a chore. Fortunately, F45 franchisees are passionate about not only the fitness industry, but F45’s innovative and unique vision.

Jane Roche, F45 Brighton Central owner, had a thirst for physical exercise and a fascination of the human body and its physical capabilities. According to Roche, “after having two children, I was inspired to follow my lifelong passion and become a personal trainer. Within 12 months of my first F45 class, I opened my first franchise in Brighton. As a working mum, I know how precious time can be. I love that F45 classes are so time efficient and lead to life-changing results. Following my passion and starting a business that truly impacts the lives of so many in the community is the best decision I have ever made.”


While F45’s goal is to equip its franchisees with all the necessary tools to grow their business, develop business objectives, plan ahead, and market their services, the aspect of community is perhaps the biggest reason why franchisees love F45. Once franchisees are welcomed aboard, they are invited to attend a week-long induction at F45 HQ where they network and work out alongside their fellow franchisees each day.

Our F45 Flatiron owner, Luke Catenacci, has invested in three studios with his brother: “The most rewarding element of our work is the community we have created. It is one that is prevalent in the members of our gyms, as well as across the network of owners. We all truly appreciate and support each other, which is something I find incredibly unique in both a gym and work setting.”

A successful franchise system is about the brand value, support for its franchisees, and meeting brand standards and service obligations, but most importantly, it is about the relationship that the franchise has with its franchisees. Our franchisees are an integral part of F45’s success, and we are so excited to have such motivated, dedicated, and passionate franchisees in the F45 family.