F45 Franchisee Spotlight | Jane Roche

 Meet Jane Roche, owner of F45 Training Brighton Central. Find out why buying an F45 studio was one of the best investments she has ever made.

Jane says she has “had a thirst for physical exercise and a fascination with the human body and its physical capabilities,” since her childhood. That interest led her to study physiotherapy and launched her into a career where she worked with a number of leading pharmaceutical companies. But, it wasn’t until after having two children that she was inspired to follow her lifelong passion of becoming a personal trainer, “and that is still the best decision I have ever made,” she says. While working as a trainer, she came across F45 on Instagram and within twelve months of her first class, she opened her first franchise in Brighton.

Prior to Owning F45 Brighton

After obtaining a qualification in physiotherapy, Jane worked with clients from a variety of backgrounds, helping them to regain their health — a role she really enjoyed. While working for several pharmaceutical companies over the following years, she says she kept up her own fitness, particularly running, completing three marathons and countless half marathons. She had a baby in 2012, followed closely by another one in 2014. “Shortly after this I had the inspiration to follow my lifelong passion, re-train and pursue a career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer,” she says.

Why she chose F45 over other gyms/businesses

Jane says she was hooked from the first time she saw F45 on Instagram. “It was all the things I passionately believed in and what I was doing with my small group exercise classes; building a community, fitness assessments, before and afters, HIIT training, strength training – all packaged within an incredible brand,” she adds. She says working with F45 “instinctively” felt like the right decision to make as the brand was completely aligned with her way of training and supporting clients.

How she found the buying process

Jane says the F45 franchise buying process was really straightforward, and that F45 support staff would answer any questions she had without delay, “And I had many!” she emphasizes. She says finding a location with the right floor space did take quite a few weeks, due to the style of buildings where she resides in Brighton.

What has been most rewarding in being an F45 franchise owner

The community she is building has been “without a doubt” the most rewarding part of owning an F45 gym, Jane says. It’s the “success stories, not just of incredible physical transformations but mental well being. People are achieving life-changing personal results! We’ve got our first F45 baby coming along this year. We’ve had so many amazing socials and events to celebrate end of challenge celebrations and are looking forward to our first birthday celebrations and Christmas Party!” she adds.

More about the results she has had in her studio

Jane says they had 1,000 people signed up for free trials before launch and over 1200 visits in their first 10 days. “We had a good marketing strategy as per the guidance from our induction on using social media, local business partnerships and sponsoring a sporting event.”

Jane says her F45 studio currently has over 200 members prior to promoting their 4th challenge of the year. “We market on Instagram, Facebook using assets provided by F45 Headquarters, and word of mouth from existing members. With the start of the last challenge of the year, the future for our studio is looking rosy and we are excited to be part of a vibrant business community in Brighton!” she concludes.

F45 Franchisee Spotlight | Jane Roche



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