F45 Leading with Innovation and Technology

Since its inception, the F45 training franchise model has been highly scalable, with over 1,200 studios across the world today. Apart from the fact that F45 offers a really good, full-body workout, there’s been one big factor that has supported this expansion, and that’s the role technology has played.

As a brand tech is very important to us, as the world is changing and our clients are a lot more tech-savvy than before and that’s why it’s reflected in terms of the training F45 offers.

Talking about the role technology has played in F45’s success, the set of digital displays that guide members through their workout is a feature that many High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and boot camp-style studios don’t have. The digital displays ensure that members don’t get lost or confused about what they should be doing during the workout. The client can remain confident that they are performing the exercises in the correct way, as the displays give them a preview of how the workout should be completed.

The screens are really powerful as they allow the company to change the timing, change the exercises and change the way members move around the room. The main aim was to be very innovative with the screens. If we didn’t have them, it would make it a much more mundane session and it would feel more like a choreographed workout routine.

F45’s Four-Stage Tech Cycle

The wall-mounted displays aren’t the only integration of tech at F45, it also includes an all-encompassing four-stage tech cycle that we function by:

  • Stage 1: Members book themselves into a class via the F45 app.

  • Stage 2: Members come to the session and their heart rate tracking technologies pop-up on the screens via the brand’s LionHeart heart strap monitor as soon as they walk in. The monitor automatically recognizes a member through Bluetooth.

  • Stage 3:  At this stage members receive automated feedback via a PDF file in their emails as soon as they complete the session, updating them on how many “F45 points” they have, their average heart rate during the workout, and how many calories they’ve burned.

  • Stage 4: This stage is for members who want to take it further. An app called the F45 Challenge takes members’ focus on fitness to another dimension. It provides all the appropriate nutrition to fuel the F45 workouts, shopping list recommendations, all the essential menu plans and food tracking needed to completely transform your health and fitness levels.

We like to think of ourselves as a real lifestyle brand, and we’re definitely the only brand that’s doing this to the extent of what to eat, how to train and heart rate tracking. We think we have a complete model, and it’s all due to having such powerful technology.

F45 Playbook

The F45 Playbook gives franchisees  24/7 access to all the information they need to run their studio through a single digital hub for operations support. It includes launch pathways, marketing,  administration, accounting, in-studio software applications, education, and F45 instructor support.

F45 Playbook


F45 FM

The network boasts its own digital radio station with the freshest, DJ-produced mixes complete with F45 ambassador voice-overs and branding to create a high-energy environment inside every F45 training studio.

F45 FM Custom Radio

F45 Game Day

This revolutionary platform uses point scoring for challenges across members’ social media platforms. The adoption of game play ensures members get the most out of every workout.

F45 TV

With a unique and exclusive technology which fuses the daily training session with a streaming video demonstration of the workout, an interval timer and studio layout to provide one integrated platform that seamlessly guides members through the training session and empowers F45 trainers with greater control over the details so they can focus on providing the highest quality service possible for members.


With F45’s dedication to cutting edge technology, taking the opportunity to buy an F45 franchise is a solid investment, as F45 is a true pioneer in the fitness industry.






F45 Leading with Innovation and Technology



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