F45 Named One of the Fastest Growing Franchises for 2020


F45 Training has jumped six spots to #13 on Entrepreneur’s list of Fastest Growing Franchises for 2020. This list is made up of global franchises that have been able to scale quickly, while giving their franchisees the opportunity to join in on the movement.

This comes on the heels of F45 being named #68 on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 ranking.

Since selling its first franchise in 2013, F45 Training has expanded from a single studio in Australia to over 1,700 studios globally. In the past several years, F45 has opened studios in over 48 countries, spreading its wings into untapped markets throughout the world. During this time, F45 Training, recently backed by investor Mark Wahlberg, has developed a scalable business model with a turnkey franchise plan that lends itself to the success it has seen in the past several years.

Franchisees are given a turnkey model, as well as copious amounts of support from F45 Training Headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. Support offered to franchisees includes, but is not limited to: marketing, technology, performance and membership. The backbone of an F45 franchise is to empower the franchise owners to make a positive impact in their community while working towards making their personal and professional goals a reality. 

F45 has seen its growth due to the exceptional and unique product that is continuously delivered to its members through 2,700+ exercises and proprietary technology. Members are encouraged to come into the studio to power through a time-efficient, 45-minute HIIT workout, while wearing optional F45-owned LionHeart monitors, which will report on a member’s intensity during the workout. 


F45 Named One of the Fastest Growing Franchises for 2020



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