F45 Owner Spotlight | Miguel Zurita

Meet Miguel Zurita, owner of F45 North Weston. Discover why he finds owning an F45 studio truly rewarding.

“F45 is more than just a business investment, it’s a life investment,” says F45 Training North Weston owner, Miguel Zurita. Before buying his F45 franchise Miguel was a business analyst, having worked for four big banks in Australia and New Zealand for 13 years. When he reached his early 40’s he realized he didn’t want to be in the banking business for the rest of his life – he needed a break. That’s when he started looking for something else to do.

A Greater Purpose in Life

Miguel started had a successful career as a Business Analyst, but it was not fulfilling. He knew he wanted something more, but it was not until he came across an F45 studio close to where he worked that he knew he had found his passion. Within a few months of participating in F45, he moved his family to the US,  signed a contract with the brand, and started his new adventure. Miguel says it now feels like he is living a dream, “even though that sounds cliché”. “In some ways being a business analyst at one of the top banks in Australia was easier as it was a predictable 9-5, but with F45, both my wife and I are in the best shape of our lives, we have the largest network of friends, an immeasurable support group, and we are the happiest we’ve ever been. I have such a greater purpose in my life than I have ever had before – I feel it emotionally, physically and mentally. Our members feel that too!” he says.

Miguel says he is not in the business for the money. Instead, he finds managing an F45 studio so much more rewarding. He says running an F45 franchise studio has taught him and his wife so much and they would do it again and relive the experiences they have had. “Seeing that smile, and hearing about the amazing workout is truly the most rewarding.”

Great Support

Miguel says by buying an F45 franchise he has created a whole new family. He gets to the studio at 5am, and his wife follows right after the kids have left, and they are there all day. At closing, members often help with cleaning up the studio each night, he says, primarily because they just don’t want to leave the fun. He also makes mention of the community of franchisees which is so helpful. “Beyond the incredible support of our member base, we have also been blessed with a tremendous amount of support from other F45 owners as well as the staff at F45 Headquarters.”

Miguel says just before their  franchise studio opened, they were below their membership goals, but by making one call to the team at the headquarters, they were enrolled in one of the marketing packages, “which delivered an abundance of quality leads – so many that we had to quit calling just to get the doors opened for those that were ready to visit,” he adds.

On Membership

Miguel says he initially got his first members through local studio sponsored boot camps followed with invitations to the training studio. Then the F45 pre-launch marketing campaign offered by F45 Headquarters drove a thousand leads which helped  increased his members by more than 50%. After a few months of being open, he now has a strong healthy membership base.

Advice for New Franchisees

Miguel’s advice to new F45 franchisees and potential owners is: “Know your area, know your audience”.  You “must believe what you deliver is effective, and changes lives.”

F45 Owner Spotlight | Miguel Zurita



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