As boutique fitness studios continue to thrive and gain in popularity, F45 Training franchises are becoming increasingly attractive investment options. This is evidenced by our network having grown into a family of over 1,700 studios across 45+ different countries.

Being an F45 franchisee means having a wealth of support and industry-leading thinking at your fingertips. But it’s not just support with new products, marketing material, and training that franchisees need to thrive. It’s just as important for our F45 franchise owners to share in the F45 vision and values and understand the principles that make our business a success. 

We’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t on our way to becoming the world’s fastest-growing fitness network. Here are three principles that have helped us get there: 


At the most basic level, fitness can be seen as resilience. Our ability to endure physical stress and show resilience in terms of strength and endurance is an indicator of how “fit” we are.

F45's training system is designed to help individuals become more resilient to both physical and mental stressors. The lessons learned here can also be applied to the business of franchising. You can be sure that running a franchise won’t always be a smooth and easy process—the ability to be resilient and persist through tough times is a vital attribute for any franchisee to have. 

We are a team.

The team training and community focus of F45 results in more motivated members, all of whom are more likely to push themselves and stay committed. Our members are held accountable by their training partners, and we all thrive when we’re surrounded by the positive, supportive energy that F45 guarantees.

It’s a way of thinking that must be applied when it comes to the business side of F45 as well. Our franchisees are expected to hold each other accountable and to make sure that we all work together to deliver the signature F45 Training experience. By prioritizing a sense of community, we are able to ensure that each franchisee, staff member, and studio member really feels like part of a happy and thriving family.

Do things differently, do things better.

The F45 Training franchise system is designed to be agile and quick to react to change and opportunity. We’d never suggest being different just for the sake of it, but it’s important that our franchisees always look to improve things wherever they can and don’t just do things “because that’s the way we always do them."

Being consistent and staying true to our brand guidelines is vital when it comes to making the most out of the F45 brand and ensuring the success of our franchise network. But if there’s room for improvement, and there always is, then we must continually work together to find it.