F45 – Striking a Balance Between Work and Play

Technology is amazing. It connects us to friends and family, gives us fresh insights and information on topics we’re passionate about, and even makes day-to-day tasks easy. It won’t be long before previously everyday duties, like driving a car or vacuuming a carpet, will take care of themselves.

On the contrary, technology has blurred the lines between work and life, office and home, what we do and who we are. It has also led to growing discontent in employees across industries and different fields of work.

A recent study revealed that close to 30% of employees in the US are planning to leave their jobs in the year ahead. This statistic is even more notable for Millennials, with almost 40% saying that they are planning a career change during the next 12 months.

Alongside dissatisfaction with compensation, a lack of work/life balance is an increasing concern for modern employees. With technology making it easier for people to work for themselves, remotely, or pursue brand-new fields, it’s vital that businesses focus on retaining and growing talent.

At F45 Training, we feel lucky that fitness is largely a career that’s followed because of good, honest passion and a love for being healthy and all its benefits. It’s also true that we should sometimes guard against making what we love what we do all the time. After all, fitness should never become all-consuming and rather help us find balance. 

So, how do we work to keep our franchisees and staff challenged, happy, and in balance? Beyond shared passion, regular feedback is very important and we aim to ensure open and natural conversation across all areas of our business. While we aim to give everyone across the F45 network continual feedback in terms of what is and isn’t working, it’s also vital that staff and franchisees let us know where they need support and where they believe opportunities lie. Our franchise model has been optimized to make this dialogue easy, and we’re always looking for new technology to make it even more seamless and convenient.

While seeing members and athletes improve across different aspects of their lives is extremely rewarding, everyone also has aspirations when it comes to growing a business and making money to pursue better lives for themselves and their loved ones. Making sure that our franchise system runs as efficiently as possible and that we continue to offer value in terms of thinking, technology, and programming will help studios find success. New products, classes, and innovation will also take F45 to new markets and allow us to stay relevant in the ever-changing fitness industry. The better the F45 Training brand does, the better we will all do.

New innovation and products also means new skills. This is massively important when it comes to keeping employees challenged, motivated, and keen to stay so that they can keep growing. The best people often relish learning more about themselves and their industry, and unless we continue to help them improve, they will look for other opportunities. Innovations like F45 Prodigy, the F45 Challenge and brand-new workouts will continue to provide learning and skill-acquisition platforms for franchisees and staff alike.

All of this is why F45 is, first and foremost, about changing lives for the better. This isn’t just limited to the people sweating it out on the studio floor. The more lives we can improve, the easier it will be to attract the best people to us and keep them part of our family for years to come.

Image source: Careers in Audit

Striking a balance between work and play.



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