F45 – The Best and Worst (But the Best) Workout

If you live in London or follow any of the big London-based fitness bloggers then you’ve probably heard of F45. And if not – then where have you been?! The set up sounds simple; 45 minutes of intense training in a variety of circuits, HIIT workouts and weight training.

The franchise began in Australia and there is currently only a studio in London Bridge but there are 5 more around London waiting to open, with Tottenham Court Road being the next to open it’s doors and very, very soon – so watch this space. In the UK there is the options for the Hollywood, Firestorm, Romans, Athletica, Quarterbacks, Miami Nights and Renegade workouts, all of which differ from pure cardio to some strength training – their website probably explains it better than I can!

The event that I had the opportunity to partake in was their Athletica workout which is a cardio-based type of training which has three sections which each contain three exercises, all performed for 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest in traditional tabatha style. Yet if you think this is your usual circuit class then you’re sorely (literally) mistaken. Each class could be made up of over 3,000 different exercises so you’ll never do the same class twice and they vary from battle ropes, spin bikes, box jumps, moves with dumbbells… the list is literally endless. Plus you’re moving through each move so quickly you barely have time to think which is a good thing in this case – I can honestly say the class felt like way less than 45 minutes and the variety and speed made it fun. This in no way means the class was easy and I can safely say it was one of the hardest i’ve ever done. I really felt like i’d exercised every muscle by the end and the trainers were friendly and helpful the whole way (especially when I got confused about which station to move to next!)

Plus, there is no panic about forgetting what you’re meant to be doing which can be a massive time waster for classes like this as each workout move is projected on a screen in front of you and stays there for the entirety of the class. If you want to give it a go but don’t quite want to commit to paying the full price, they do an amazing introductory offer of 7 days for only £7, by which time i’m sure you’ll be hooked.

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45 minutes of intense training in a variety of circuits, HIIT workouts and weight training.



This could be a life changing opportunity.


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