F45: The Best of Community and Customization

Switch on, double click, swipe right, and you can be in a yoga class, following along to a guided kettlebell workout, trying plyometrics, or enjoying having a coach in your ear as you push for that personal best. Add a piece of wearable tech for a level of customization as algorithms track improvements in time, exertion and capacity.

Online communities and coaches can add human touch and virtual interaction, but this is not enough for most gym-goers. A noticeable trend in the fitness industry is exercisers looking for real, face-to-face interaction, depth and enjoyment from their fitness experiences. Group classes like hot yoga, martial arts, boxing, and, of course, F45 Training, have all enjoyed an increase in popularity as people look to escape from their phones and socialize with others. 

This is due in part to the fact that having a real human being alongside you as you row will always help you find that extra gear. A living, breathing, in-the-moment instructor will be able to spot a break in form on that second set of burpees and will know that you didn’t get enough sleep last night!

It’s a movement in the industry that’s tailor-made to the strongest points of the F45 system – a community that supports and grows around each member and the ability to have daily, face-to-face, hands-on interaction. Franchisees and staff should be able to see opportunities to encourage further community moments. Outside of the actual workout, does the studio allow space for people to socialize? Warm-up areas and even a place to relax after class can encourage people to linger and hang out a little more.

Of course, it’s our group training system that really makes the most of this current shift in the industry. F45’s wide range of workouts keep members guessing, and allows them to effectively customize their training. Encouraging members to learn which workout does what and getting them to familiarize themselves with your studio will let them manage their own training to a large extent. Remember, individual attention and your professional recommendations will go a long way to help members get the most out of their training—and will be a lot better than any algorithm.

In fact, the F45 Training model brings together the customization of personal training and the motivating, fun atmosphere of a group class. It’s the best of both worlds. By playing to the strengths of the F45 system, you’ll not only create a community where members feel a part of something special, but ensure that they keep coming back for more. Compared to traditional big-box gyms, boutique-style studios have a far higher retention rate. This is not just members; instructors and coaches are also far more likely to stay and grow with a stronger community than they would with a more individual client-based system.

Of course, we realize that embracing technology adds inexplicable value to F45. It’s why we’ll always look to incorporate tech where we can and push to be at the forefront of its application to the world of fitness. But, it’s so important to remember that real, human connection and conversation is something that an app will never be able to replicate. This is a real strength of F45, one that gives us a leg up on the rest of the industry. 

We look forward to seeing you on the studio floor!

F45: The Best of Community and Customization



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