F45 Tracks the Trends

Intermittent fasting, red-light therapy, high-intensity training, Olympic lifting, keto, yogalates…

There are always new health and fitness trends, some of which stick around for years and others that quickly fade. F45 Training loves staying on top of the latest innovations—in this article, we will look at some of the top trends and how we are making the most of them. 

Fitness not just for fitness’ sake.

People are looking for their training regimen to deliver more than weight loss and a bit of cardio because their doctor says it’s good for them. Fitness now needs to have carryover into every other aspect of our lives, from helping us keep up with our kids to preparing for a big meeting.

With more people trying their hand at sports like surfing, climbing, and skiing, training systems that include balance coordination and mobility work are also gaining in popularity. Of course, F45’s approach to fitness plays right into this need. Additionally, with a host of former professional athletes opening their own F45 studios, our brand will continue to be inspired by sport and inspire athletes in turn.

Each movement in the F45 system has been chosen for a real-world benefit, and tailored workouts like Mont Blanc even target specific sports (in this case, skiing). 

 Living longer – and living better.

Active aging is a phrase that’s top-of-mind in the industry at the moment, and with good reason. People are living longer than ever, and with better and more accessible medicine and healthcare available, this is a trend that’s sure to continue.

It also means that people aren’t just looking for longevity, but also want to make sure that all those extra years are good ones. F45 Training has always held this view. We believe fitness is for life and that our training system isn’t safe and enjoyable for all ages and fitness levels.

One of the first things new F45 members notice is the focus on mastering foundational movement and mechanics. This doesn’t just mean happier joints and less injuries, but also that we can continue to pick up those heavy grocery bags, keep up with the family dog, and carry our grandchildren with ease. 

Fueling the fire.

Consistent, correct exercise is important, but nutrition is vital. With 70-80% percent of a healthy lifestyle related to diet, sayings like “you can’t out-train a bad diet” and “abs are made in the kitchen” are repeated with good reason.

With easier access to a variety of diets and eating plans, nutrition is a major industry topic. Low-carb, fasting strategies, vegan options, the carnivore and ketogenic diets and more—there’s tons of cutting-edge thinking going on when it comes to what we put in our mouths. Unfortunately, this can lead to confusion and overwhelm.

At F45 Training, we simplify nutrition and make it enjoyable for our members. Initiatives like the F45 Challenge offer athletes tailored nutrition programs from the industry’s thought leaders, and is just another way we offer value and support to our community.

It’s good to be strong.

Strength training might not be a new concept, but it’s enjoying renewed popularity as the myths of it being ‘bad’ for women or younger athletes are proven wrong.

The truth is, when performed correctly, strength training is an important pillar of holistic health and an essential part of any fitness and wellness program. Most, if not all, F45 workouts incorporate a strength aspect—all performed with the usual focus on healthy movement patterns and progressive resistance. It’s designed to make you stronger, safely and efficiently.

F45 – where personal training meets team training.

The last trend we’ll look at is the current, renewed interest in personal training. Due to increased access to a universe of different exercises and training programs, people are looking for a trusted source to navigate all the exercise data and organize it into a plan that is designed specifically for them.

F45’s team training approach ensures that each person gets individual attention and the added motivation and encouragement of group training. Our trainers also provide expertise and the one-on-one focus of personal trainers. It’s a blend that’s sure to deliver results for any individual. 

Keep an eye on these top fitness trends and the ones that are sure to crop up in the coming weeks and months. F45 Training will continue to bring you more of the newest and best in the industry!

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