F45 Training at Sea

Imagine waking up on one of the newest and most elegant cruise ships in the world. You roll over to the sight of the pristine waters of the Bahamas and just take in the view. You find a sense of contentment in the current moment, especially knowing your beloved F45 workouts are still just a click or a short walk away, meaning you don’t have to fall off track when on vacation.

If this sounds like a fantasy, that’s because up until just a few months ago it was! F45 Training and OneSpaWorld recently collaborated to open the first-of-its-kind F45 Training studio on board a Celebrity Cruise ship. It’s truly a game changer for those who are looking to stay on top of their training schedule, while enjoying everything Celebrity Cruises has to offer. It’s the best of both worlds!

“We are thrilled to work with OneSpaWorld and Celebrity Cruises on this exciting new collaboration, bringing F45’s functional, effective, fun and community-driven workouts to guests,” said Adam J. Gilchrist, President, CEO and Chairman, F45. “We are committed to finding new and innovative ways to offer what we consider to be the world’s best workout to new and existing F45 members around the world. With this partnership, we are expanding the reach of F45’s fitness offering as we begin to market to the 30 million passengers who travel on cruise ships each year.”

“OneSpaWorld continues to innovate and elevate the fitness experience with cutting-edge programming that brings value to our guests,” said Leonard Fluxman, Executive Chairman and CEO, OneSpaWorld. “In F45, we have found a fitness company that is ahead of the curve and shares like-minded values with us, bringing cruise line guests new and fresh fitness classes at sea that have become widely popular on land. We too are excited to work with F45 and look forward to exploring opportunities with other banners where we feel it would offer tremendous value.”

While the F45 Studio has been open for a few months, Will Craig, F45 Training’s Vice President of College Sales, had the honor of joining F45 Athletes Cory George and Morgan Mitchell on board to help formally launch the F45 studio during the Celebrity Apex naming cruise.


It was a pivotal moment to merge F45 Training, OneSpaWorld and Celebrity Cruises to bring all cruise goers a premium experience from the moment they step foot on board. Will Craig notes there was no shortage of excitement around this launch.

“Seeing the energy and excitement of participants taking the classes was absolutely electric. You could tell everyone understood this was a completely different type of fitness experience than you would typically expect to find in a unique environment such as a cruise ship.” said Craig.

“What was even more amazing was while I was sitting in my room and scrolling through the On-Demand Content on the TV, I saw F45 virtual workouts you can do from your own cabin. I was literally in my room doing MoonHopper and my mind was blown. There is no other fitness company out there doing these innovative collaborations like F45 Training.”

While the studio is a bit smaller than a typical studio (standing at roughly 680 square feet) and programs are slightly more limited than the typical F45 franchise experience, passengers can expect to get the same F45 workouts they know and love. It was important to maintain the same great brand F45 customers are used to, and this studio did not disappoint!

For this particular launch, the team chose to run the daily workout named Athletica, which is a beloved training session among F45 members. Moving forward, the ship crew will choose from a preselected number of workouts that are loaded and stored on the F45 dongles.

Cory led the group through all 9 stations, including kettlebells, agility cones, sandbags, ladders, and yes — a fair number of burpees. The studio was filled with the max number of participants within the space, which is roughly 18. The energy in the studio was high and you could feel the excitement among the passengers to engage in a heart-pumping, sweat-inducing 45-minute workout!

Will recalls being immediately impressed with how well F45 was able to transition the in-studio experience so well into a completely new environment. “Here at F45 Training, we strive to be a leader in the fitness industry. Our goal is to continue to find innovative ways to bring the F45 experience to environments that no other fitness company can. If you look at our college, military, corporate, and now cruise line divisions, we are jumping headfirst into spaces no other studio-based fitness company has entered — and we pride ourselves on that. We’re always thinking outside the box. I truly believe it goes to show how exciting the future is for F45, and I cannot wait to see where the next F45 studio will pop up.”

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