F45 Training Now Offer Funding Option

We are constantly evolving, adapting and finding the best practices to support our F45 network, regardless if you are already have an existing studio, or starting fresh with your first one!

Being flexible and highly innovative has no doubt kept F45 on top over the past 18 months, especially since the Fitness Industry went through a whirlwind of business closures and global uncertainty. Despite this, F45 has continued to develop and innovate into one of the strongest and most resilient fitness brands out there. We are constantly finding new ways to support our network, particularly when it comes to finance and sustainability.

There are many elements that make a successful business, and one of the most important discussions is finance, and what opportunities can be provided for not only smooth sailing at the start, but long-term prosperity.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Swoop, which will help franchisees obtain the necessary funding to open their own F45 and FS8 studios, as well as allow existing franchisees to expand their franchise network with us”- Adam J. Gilchrist, President, CEO and Chairman of F45. 

F45 has recently partnered with Swoop, a finance platform that provides clear visibility on grants and equity options to small and medium businesses. This new partnership eases the load of securing positive financing options and allows franchisee’s to focus on running their business!

We’ve been working around the clock with Swoop to ensure that the platform is aligned on F45’s objectives, and what needs to be done to ensure business growth and sustainability. We’ve highlighted the importance of financial assistance when it comes to equipment, working capital and construction costs, and also options for studios that are looking to refinance their existing loans.

We understand that owning a studio is a full-time job and recognise that some people might not have the bandwidth, or perhaps the knowledge of the finance market to manage both their finances and running their business.

Our global F45 network is what keeps the wheels turning, so we strive to support and keep the brand highly innovative to ensure we are providing the best product to our franchisee’s and studio owners. Whether you are looking to finance your new F45 studio, or are looking to expand your already functioning F45, we encourage you to take a look at Swoop and their potential finance alternatives. Check them out Swoop Funding

Financing through Swoop is currently available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. We are working to expand the partnership to other countries as well.



This could be a life changing opportunity.


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