Four Reasons To Change Jobs Mid-Career

It is human nature to get caught up in the monotony of our day to day lives. We have heard likely our whole lives that we should go to school, find a job that we enjoy and try to find a long term career path that can take us all the way to retirement. In fact, for most of us, it’s ingrained in our minds that we are on a linear path towards retirement and any sort of ‘straying’ that we do will end up costing us in the long run. We’re here to tell you — that is bogus. Here’s why.

Being in the ‘mid-life’ phase of your career means you have experience under your belt and are established as a professional, but you are still a ways away from retirement. It can feel like you blinked and somehow you are in the middle of your career, or perhaps you feel like it’s taken you far too long to get to this point. Either way, it’s a natural time to start second guessing the path that you have chosen for yourself and your career.

Rather than dwindling on your past and sitting in agony worrying about the future, we encourage you to explore the opportunity to switch things up a bit! Now is not the time to remain complacent if you are unhappy with the choices that were made in the past. It is the time to explore new possibilities and give into the desire you have to step into the career path of your dreams.

Here are four reasons why you can (and should) change jobs mid-way through your career.

1. You want to avoid the feeling of FOMO. Whether you’re feeling left out because your colleagues are starting to move onto bigger and better things or you are just feeling FOMO because the younger generations are getting to experience new things that you didn’t have a chance to — now is the time to get rid of that ‘fear of missing out’ and take charge of your career. You don’t want to wake up on the morning of your last day of work before retirement full of regrets that you didn’t pursue another career path!

2. Now that you are established, you have the life experience to propel you into a different category than those who are inexperienced and just starting out in their career — use this to your advantage! You have some time under your belt and it’s no secret that with time comes wisdom and advanced knowledge. We encourage you to use this to your advantage and really lean into the experience you have.

3. Speaking of gaining over the years, you may also be in a better financial situation to take on a new career adventure these days than you were years ago. If you are interested in switching industries, owning your own business or simply taking some time off to figure out what’s next, you may have the luxury of funding on your side. Sure, most of us aren’t made of money — but as someone who is in the middle stage of their career, you may have a nice ‘easter egg’ set aside that can help propel you from one career to the next.

4. You’ve done your time in the corporate world (or something similar) and now it’s time for you to really enjoy what you do on a day to day basis. We encourage you to give into your passions a bit and allow them to guide you towards your newest career adventure. Whether it’s getting involved in the industry you are most passionate about or simply finding a company that sparks a fire within you, we highly encourage you to take the time to find the right fit. Don’t settle for a job that will just pay the bills, despite boring you to death day in and day out. Find something that excites you and makes you feel giddy to get to work!

We completely understand that changing career paths and making a huge life shift can be scary, especially when you have spend the majority of your career doing something completely different! Although it may be an uphill battle and an intimidating process, it can be so worth it when you take the time to find the right fit for you.

You deserve to end your career with a job that you truly love — and one that will give back to you in more ways than one. What are you doing to set yourself up for success now and beyond?

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