It seems like life happens faster and faster these days, and the same is true for the world of fitness and franchising. It’s an exciting time for businesses, with new technology making it easier for franchisors and franchisees to share knowledge and resources, opening doors and opportunities that didn’t exist before.

Embracing new technology is a big part of the success of F45 (both in terms of our franchise and workout systems), but we’re also big fans of learning from our past successes. Here are some solid and time-proven do’s and don’ts that any franchisee should always keep in mind:

DO – Take advantage of all the resources you have. All of our business support, online resources and marketing material has been designed and developed to keep you ahead of the pack and your business growing. By utilizing support and keeping in touch with us and your fellow franchisees, you’ll quickly learn the best mix and approach for your business.

DON’T – Try to do everything yourself. Franchise owners tend to be entrepreneurial self-starters, meaning they often take too much on and might end up spreading themselves too thin. While it’s always a good idea to know how all the different parts of your business work and play an active role in the day-to-day, it’s also important to draw on the help you have available and learn from those who’ve been there and done it before. If you can make the most of the F45 network, you’ll see the results in your bottom line.

DO – Make sure your business and F45 are headed in the same direction. A large part of the success of any franchise lies in its ability to recreate a successful and loved customer experience, and F45 is the world’s fastest-growing fitness network for a reason. It’s vital that your business objectives and values align with the company’s and that we work together to grow both the F45 brand and your studio.

DON’T – Ignore the franchise business model. Just like our expertly-designed workouts have been proven to get results, our franchise system is scalable in order to give your business every possible advantage. 

DO – Give us constant feedback. We’re always looking to do things better and your continuous and regular input on what works for you (and what doesn’t) will enable us to keep evolving and growing. Even if you think something isn’t important, it might be significant to another studio or business, so don’t be afraid of over-communicating.

DON’T – Forget to bring your own energy to the party. Each and every F45 franchisee has been carefully chosen for what they add to the F45 family. We know that you’re amazing, and your business should reflect yourself and your passion for changing lives. We’re here to partner with you while you do it.