Franchisee Highlight: F45 Dubai Marina

Our F45 Training Dubai Marina owner, Travis Krug, explains what F45 means to him and why he’s so thankful to be a part of the F45 franchisee family. 

How did you first hear about F45 Training?
My business partner took a trip to Australia and saw that F45 was everywhere in the towns he visited. He was extremely impressed with how full the classes were and the brand’s presence in the communities. When he returned from his trip, he was excited to share what looked to be a great opportunity for Dubai and the Middle East. 

Why did you choose F45?
We were looking at business opportunities in the fitness industry, having been a part of fitness the majority of our lives. However, many of the franchises and affiliates in Dubai were not new and didn’t offer an exciting change for the demographic we were targeting. What set F45 apart, though, was its online presence and the energy felt when observing or participating in a class. I knew that the concept would work here, especially with our demographic that was hungry for efficient, effective, and innovative training. 

Have you always wanted to own your own business?
Absolutely! I knew that I wanted to work for myself once I familiarized myself with the cultural norms and needs of this area. I’ve known my business partner for half of my life and knew that we would complement one another with each of our unique skillsets. There is a fear associated with jumping out on your own, but we’ve both been in challenging situations and knew that a little bit of pain is needed for growth.

Have you been in the fitness industry before?
I’ve never worked directly in the fitness industry before, but my time in competitive sports and military training kept me close to the latest trends and best concepts in the fitness industry.

How has the support from F45 Training HQ been?
F45 HQ’s support has continued to improve throughout my time as an owner. We were the first ones to launch in the Middle East and needed some mutual understanding from HQ on a few of the restrictions and customs that we needed to uphold in this area. For instance, we run our Hollywood classes on Friday, as the Arab work week is Sunday through Thursday. The team at HQ worked with us to ensure our TVs and workouts aligned accordingly with the workweek. The individuals at HQ have been gracious with their time to support our needs, even though we’re half a world away when making phone calls and queries. 

How was your F45 Induction experience?
Induction was held for us in Summerlin, NV. The first thing you notice at Induction is the energy and drive of the other franchisees attending the training. We came together and cheered each other on as we learned the systems, and were placed in front of the class to demo our new learning. We left with confidence and new ideas about how we wanted to open and run our studio. Having exchanged contact information with the other franchisees, we felt like we were joining a larger network of teammates that would support each other when we left Induction. 

What is the one thing that you are most surprised by?
I’m always surprised and thrilled when I see the impact this training has on our members. We are literally in the business of changing lives. There are countless examples of members that came in to the studio timid and insecure in their appearances. These same members are now our champions for the brand and helping to bring in new members. The biggest compliment we can get is referrals and great reviews on the members’ social media platforms.

How has your franchise experience been thus far? What are the benefits of F45’s franchise model?
My franchise experience has been excellent thus far. We know the parameters and guidelines within which we need to operate a successful business. Beyond that, we are able to incorporate our own personality into our studios and we have created our own unique community that meets regularly outside the studio for fun events. This franchise model allows us to operate independently, with back-end support when we need it. It has been extremely efficient by providing all of the tools and equipment we need to be successful. Additionally, when compared to other franchises, we love the fact that we are open only for scheduled classes and not running staff & utilities through a full daily grind. 

How much interest there has been in the studio? How easy it has been to market your F45 Training studio?
Having been the first to market in the Middle East, it was a lot of effort to get the word out. At Induction, we were told that beyond everything else, run a great studio and the rest will work itself out. HQ was right! Fortunately, we brought on the right management and training team from the onset and that has made all the difference. The biggest asset you can have in the marketing campaign is your members, who believe in the workouts and have the results to prove it. In that sense, it has been easy to market the studio and our brand. We’ve stuck to an aggressive free trial period because we want our classes full and our prospective members to truly experience the full range of classes. 

What’s the most inspiring member story you’ve witnessed?
I was truly inspired by one of our male members that took on our Spring Challenge with relentless determination. He was pushed along by a previous winner and was often seen doing two daily workouts during the week. He stuck to the Challenge meal plans and by the time the 8 weeks were over, he had lost an amazing 13kg and shed 11% body fat! The confidence and happiness he showed when we took his picture at the end of the Challenge was palpable. He was definitely in the best shape of his life and ready to tackle the summer!

How do your members impact your life, both in and out of the studio?
My members have a profound impact on how I go about my daily responsibilities. The inherent accountability associated with being an F45 member in the studio applies to me as well. I need to be present and will be called out by our members when I slack or miss a class! This alone has helped me be more accountable and regimented in making sure I align my priorities to include getting my workout in! Furthermore, many of our members are positioned in industries that also want to be fit and lead healthier lifestyles. It has provided me the opportunity to interact with business partners and reach other opportunities that I would have otherwise not been able to.

How has F45 been life-changing for you?
I have experienced the ability to manage my schedule to meet my family obligations. More importantly, the transformation and impact that my studios have on our members cannot be understated. The social interaction and sense of accomplishment I see daily at my studios is distinct. There is a palpable sense of accomplishment from members that finish the F45 Challenge and step on the biometric machine for the final weigh in. There’s also a genuine buzz and energy from our members when they leave our studios. That really resonates with me and helps me remain grateful for the ability to be part of this journey.

What is your favorite part of F45 and why?
My favorite part of F45 is the camaraderie and team atmosphere our brand exudes. Having travelled around the world, it’s amazing to interact and share my F45 experience with members out there that are wearing an F45 shirt or hat. It reminds me that, despite our unprecedented growth, we really are a tight community and have many more lives to impact!

Franchisee Highlight: F45 Dubai Marina



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