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Franchisee Highlight: F45 Jiading Central

Hear from Siyuan Zhang, owner of F45 Training Jiading Central, about his F45 franchise experience.

2019/08/31 was the most important date in my life—when F45 Jiading Central was officially opened. The opening ceremony was very successful; the guests were enthusiastic and excited to attend the training session. During the class, the studio was full of cheerful chatting, laughing, and lively teamwork. When night fell, the studio quieted down in an instant as the guests left the studio and headed home, full of joy and satisfaction. I turned on my computer quietly and watched Free Solo. When I saw Alex successfully climb EI Capitan and the main theme of the movie started playing, it reminded me of how I founded F45 Jiading Central. I was immediately filled with emotion.

2019831日,这是我人生中最重要的日子,中国的第6家店F45jiading正式开业了。开业活动很成功,来宾们乐于参与训练课,热情高涨,工作室充满了欢声笑语和团队活力。当夜晚降临,宾客尽兴而归时,工作室瞬间安静下来,我一个人静静地打开电脑,观看奥斯卡最佳纪录片《徒手攀岩》。当看到Alex徒手攀岩EI Capitan成功时,当主题曲“只要攀住梦想的手够紧,重力不过是纸老虎罢了” 响起时,不禁勾想起自己创立F45jiading的种种经历,感慨万千(或潸然泪下)

The first time I heard about F45 from my friend, I went to F45 Xuhui and attended a trial class. I was attracted to this competitive, small-group training style—especially the class arrangement, compact training period, and large, clear display screens. This brand-new method of team training subverted my perception of domestic gyms, and my first impression of F45 was great. For two years, I worked in many different places, including assisting professional athletes with physical training. Although I was very busy with work in this time period, F45 events were always on my calendar. With the opportunity to travel all over the country, I attended free trials at F45 studios in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Suzhou. These experiences allowed me to get to know F45 better, and my sense of identity in F45 got stronger and stronger. I didn’t understand English at all, so I sought help from my friend and F45 HQ. I didn’t think anything would come of my email, but F45 HQ wrote back to me and restored all hope! I was referred to an F45 HQ contact in Asia, who introduced me to the idea, brand, and culture behind F45. I found myself agreeing with all of it. After investigating and analyzing the franchise requirements, I decided to join the brand and start my “Dream Trip”.


English was a big obstacle for me throughout my journey—I used translation software and online tools to fill out the F45 application correctly. Learning a language in a few months had almost exceeded the time and energy I spent as a student on campus! “If you cannot see the terminal point now, you should keep swimming in the sea you are currently in. Hardworking people will not be treated unfairly,” I said to myself. Finally, the formal contract was drawn up on April 30th, 2019. There’s no turning back an arrow once it’s shot! Even though I was facing a completely unfamiliar environment, language difficulties, and no travel companion, I traveled to Sydney without hesitation on May 13th. I only had one belief in my mind, which was that I needed to challenge myself and tell myself if I wanted to achieve my goal, then I could do it! Maybe life is this kind of process, a process in which we keep pushing ourselves to the limit and exceeding it. During the process, we will meet pain and fear, but we will get over them so that we can find a better self and have the courage to choose the life we want to live. The ten days in Australia were amazing and full of training & learning.


After I went back to Jiading District, I started to build F45 Jiading Central. I rented a venue, signed the agreement, and started working on the decoration that followed step-by-step requirements on Playbook. During these 3+ months, I kept in close contact with F45 HQ. I completed the process and successfully passed the inspection! 

回到上海嘉定,我就开始了打造F45 Jiading Central ,租场地、签合约、搞装修,按照playbook上的要求,一点一点去完成。这3个多月,每天用着翻译软件,和亲爱的瑞贝卡保持联络,按照她给我的指示,努力地去达到总部规定的每一项要求,这个过程中也由于沟通的问题,让我犯了很多错误,花了不少冤枉钱,但最终还是拿到了6盏绿灯,顺利通过验收。当看到6盏绿灯时,我的心里只想说一句话“我爱你,瑞贝卡”。我想,Jess老师、瑞贝卡她们,所有看似轻描淡写的优秀,其实背后都是不为人知的默默努力,我也应该如此!

Due to firm beliefs, insistence, and a breakthrough, I am now part of the F45 family. F45 Jiading Central’s classes are very welcomed by the community, we have signed cooperation agreements with a well-known local football club, and we recently invited some local influencers to help popularize the F45 brand. 


I’m managing F45 Jiading Central with heart and soul, and I’m working hard on popularizing the brand of F45. Although I’m far away from complete success, I’m making endless efforts in my limited life. I just want to tell this world: I CAN DO THIS!

我用心经营着F45 Jiading Central,全力以赴推广F45这个品牌,虽然离成功还很远,但在有限的生命尽无限的努力,只是想告诉这个世界:我可以。

Thanks F45 HQ for giving me the chance to join this mature and well-known brand. Thanks to Luke, thanks to Xiao Yang, thanks to my trainers, thanks to F45 Support, thanks to Rebecca, I love you guys.


Jiading, my hometown, a famous town with 800 years of history—she’s ancient and quiet, but also full of freshness and passion. She has an ancient town with traditional Southern China style,  Jiading Xinchen (which means new urban area of Jiading District), the most beautiful library in Shanghai, and the thrilling F1 Circuit. You are more than welcome to visit my hometown!


Franchisee Highlight: F45 Jiading Central



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