Franchisee Highlight: F45 Stellenbosch

Hear from Corban Anders, owner of F45 Training Stellenbosch in Cape Town, South Africa. 

How did you first hear about F45 Training? 
I heard about F45 from a friend, the owner of the first F45 in South Africa! 

Why did you choose F45?
I absolutely love the fitness industry and the high-intensity workouts F45 offers.

Have you always wanted to own your own business?
Yes, and was always wondering what industry to go into until I found F45⁠—then I knew.

Have you been in the fitness industry before?
Not necessarily, but I’ve been involved at a high level in sports. 

What is the thing that you are most surprised by?
How quickly clients become like family.

How much interest has there been in the studio? How easy it has been to market your F45 studio?
There’s been a lot of interest. We only have 3 studios in the country, but brand awareness and interest grow quickly once clients start seeing results.

What’s the most inspiring member story you’ve witnessed?
Last year, one of my clients felt that she discovered her purpose at F45 and decided to open her own studio. That’s who my boss is now!

How do your members impact your life, both in and out of the studio?
In every way. Strangers become friends. I love being able to impact people’s lives and give them the confidence to do everything they set their minds to. I help members realize that anything is possible if you work hard enough for it and surround yourself with the right people.

How has F45 Training been life-changing for you?
It completely changed my mindset on gyms and fitness and gave me an opportunity to do my God-given gift—encouraging and impacting people daily.

What is your favorite part of F45 Training and why?
F45 Playoffs, for two reasons. First, I’m super competitive and love challenging myself! Second, I love encouraging people to achieve their goals and do things they didn’t believe were possible.

Franchisee Highlight: F45 Stellenbosch



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