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The happiness and success of F45 Training franchisees are crucial to the strength and prosperity of the F45 brand. F45’s clear vision makes it easy to communicate franchise goals and company information in a positive manner—this takes pressure off the franchisees by ensuring that each franchisee receives the same set of instructions, goals and requirements. Franchisee feedback is extremely valuable to F45 HQ, as it often leads to improvements in both the franchise network and the greater F45 brand. The feedback we receive is overwhelmingly positive and leads to a collaborative, trusting relationship between F45 and our franchisees.  

Our F45 Flatiron owner, Luke Catenacci, fell in love with the F45 concept right away. He was visiting a friend in Perth, Australia and took his first class at F45 Scarborough Beach—he was immediately intrigued and inquired about the opportunity to open his own studio that same day.

Catenacci was motivated to take this leap after crossing paths with F45 at the right place and time. He’d just left his job in finance and knew he wanted to start his own gym—once he was exposed to the F45 brand vision and a few of the owners, he knew F45 was the perfect opportunity for him. Catenacci has a background in finance, which helped him to weigh financial and budgetary decisions for his franchise. F45’s scalable business model is a major distinguishing factor and has attracted not only Catenacci, but thousands of franchisees across the globe.

While our franchisees are given the very best opportunity to improve the lives of their members and enjoy an enviable work/life balance, there are challenges that come with franchising. For Catenacci, the most challenging part was finding a proper location in Manhattan while also trying to stick to a budget. F45 Training knows that many people don’t have experience with commercial real estate, which is why we work diligently with franchisees to ensure they are familiar with the real estate requirements. Going through the growing pains made opening day even more rewarding for Catenacci, as he was able to see all his hard work pay off.

Catenacci says his favorite part of day-to-day operations is interacting with members—he loves chatting with members in between classes and forming long-lasting friendships in and out of the studio. The F45 Training family is truly unlike any other group fitness community, and this is extremely rewarding for Catenacci to be a part of. The ‘Team Training, Life Changing’ aspect of F45 proves true for every single one of our franchisees, Catenacci included. While he is now busy all the time and works 12+ hour days, it doesn’t feel like work to him. He doesn’t have to do what he does; he wants to do it because he enjoys every second. As a result of his experience as an F45 franchisee, Catenacci has become a well-rounded person with many more skills and relationships than he had before taking on this business venture. 

The happiness and success of F45 Training franchisees are crucial to the strength and prosperity of the F45 brand.

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