Franchisee Spotlight: Andrea Lorenzon

Introducing Andrea Lorenzon, Franchisee!

We had the privilege of interviewing Andrea Lorenzon and what inspired her to invest in F45 Training. She touches on what drove her to F45, how she stays motivated, and what her favorite things about ownership are! Read on to discover her story.

F45 Training: Tell us a bit about yourself!

Andrea: I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Prior to getting involved in F45, I worked a corporate job while doing personal training on the side. I always knew there was something more for me, but I hadn’t quite found my path yet. I decided to travel abroad for a couple of years, and landed in Australia. This is where I was introduced to F45, and I was hooked. I became a trainer and then a studio manager to learn more about the business and sales processes. The role was a dream job – that’s when I knew I had to open up my own studio. As soon as I returned to Toronto, I started looking for a space. I found the location for my first studio in January 2020 – timing was not the best, but I persevered and the studio is thriving!


F45 Training: What inspires you? What makes you excited to wake up each morning?

Andrea: Every single day is different. I get to perform a variety of tasks throughout every day – I could be fixing equipment, repainting, having sales meetings with the managers, putting together marketing plans, connecting with the coaches, meeting members and so much more. I love the variety, and I love that every day presents a new challenge for me to tackle.


F45 Training: What is your favorite thing about F45?

Andrea: It really just never gets old – the constant innovation is amazing. The shift in the programming over the last year has been really amazing. I love that F45 is not just open to, but adapts to new ideas and methodologies.


F45 Training: What’s the best thing about owning your own F45 Training? 
Andrea: I get to be a part of three amazing communities and one big family. I get to be a part of our managers’ and coaches’ careers – I can work with them to develop valuable skills, and support them in their careers.  I love that I get to be in charge of my own success – I do what I can with the things that I can control, and roll with it for what I can’t!


F45 Training: What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned since starting your ownership journey?

Andrea: Resiliency is a huge part of success as a business. There are going to be constant challenges to tackle – many of which will be unexpected, and you have to be ready for them. Take each challenge as a learning opportunity and grow from it. Be okay with failing.


F45 Training: What’s your favorite F45 workout? And why?

Andrea: My top 2 have to be Maximus and Checkmate! I love the heavy compound movements in Maximus, and being able to work through all four sets. I love the variety in Checkmate – this is controversial, but the AMRAP pod is my favourite


F45 Training: What are your passions outside of F45?

Andrea: Travel! I spent 2 years traveling abroad and it changed my life. I love being outside and being active – I have a rescue dog named Bert and I love taking him out for long walks or hikes.





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