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Franchisee Spotlight: Hong Kong

We had a chance to chat with our F45 Causeway Bay owner, Kevin Ho, about his F45 franchise journey thus far. 

How did you first hear about F45 Training? 你怎樣開始認識F45?

“I first heard about F45 through my wife. In fact, it wasn’t initially the exercise that drew us to F45, but the Challenge menus. My wife was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease, which led us to change our diet. A year or so later, my wife met an F45 trainer who informed us that a studio was opening nearby. We took a free trial, and as they say, the rest is history.” 

我是透過我的太太認識F45. 其實吸引我們的不是當中的運動,而是F45的飲食菜單. 數年前我的太太被確診橋本氏甲狀腺炎(Hashimoto),我們需要改變飲食習慣好讓太太調養身體。試過所有的飲食療法, 包括阿特金斯減肥法(Aitkens),舊石器時代飲食法(paleo)等等,我們發現F45的飲食菜單簡單,高蛋白,高蔬菜的元素是最好的選擇。大概一年後我的太太再遇到一位在F45教授的私人教練,從這位教練得知我們家附近開設了一家F45健身室,我們就參加了免費試玩活動。我們的故事就是這樣開始了。

Why did you choose F45? 為什麼你會選擇F45?
“I have always loved sports, especially team sports. I played rugby throughout most of my life, and loved the camaraderie and friendships that resulted from it. I equate F45’s training regime to that of rugby and squash—short, sharp bursts of different exercises and an amazing community.”

從私人角度來說,我一向都喜歡做運動,尤其是團隊運動. 我人生中大半時間都是在玩欖球,我愛上在球場上一起堅挺到底而結下的友誼。我會將F45與欖球訓練相提並論。其實兩者並不盡相同,原因是F45不需要團體合作來分階段建立領地以取得分數,但其訓練計劃,即不同高強度間歇運動,卻十分適合我。另一項我喜歡的運動是壁球,同樣地,是另一樣十分劇烈的運動,要求短時間內大量消耗能量。

Have you always wanted to own your own business? 你一直想擁有自己的業務?
“Kind of. My mother has been a businesswoman from the moment we were born. For most Chinese families that emigrate, their main option abroad is to cook Chinese food for the local market. As time went on, my mother managed to accrue a few restaurants and then opened a Chinese supermarket, a high-end Chinese restaurant, and invested in real estate projects. When she opened her biggest Chinese restaurant, I helped her with design, project management, sourcing suppliers for F&B, and architecture. I worked there on weekends during the first year or so whilst doing my training contract in London. Then, I helped her manage six apartment buildings on the Bristol waterfront. I learned so much from these experiences, including my involvement in a number of tech start-ups. Because of this, I think it came semi-naturally to run my own business. I thought I knew what I was doing, but when I went to induction, I realized I had much to learn, yet again! The Hong Kong F45 owners have been an invaluable resource and super friendly to us. I am eternally grateful to Stevun, Ernest, Ava, Anthony, Shelley, James, and Brendan for their help.”

可以這樣說。 自我和姐弟出生,我媽媽已是一位女商人. 如大多數海外移民的中國家庭,他們在國外的主要職業選擇是為當地市場烹飪中國菜。隨著時間過去,她已經成功管理幾家餐館,然後開了一家中國超市,一家高端中餐館,並投資房地產項目。 當她開設了她最大的中餐館時,我協助她管理其餐館的設計,項目管理,採購餐飲供應商和裝修方面等事兒。 其後,我第一年於倫敦當培訓生的時候, 也不忙在週末在那家餐館工作 。此外,我亦幫她管理了布裡斯托爾位於海濱的六套公寓。  我從這些經歷中學到了很多東西,包括在一些科技創業公司工作的經歷,不知不覺我就有經營自己事業的念頭。! 現在我正在發展這業務,我以為我知道我在做什麼,但是當我去就職訓練時,我才發現我還有很多需要學習的東西. 在香港的F45負責人一直為我們提供寶貴的資源,亦對我們非常友善。在這, 我非常感謝Steven / Ernest / Ava / Anthony / Shelley / James / Brendan / James一直以來的幫助。

What’s the most inspiring member story you’ve witnessed? 你見過最激勵的會員故事是什麼?
“It would be unfair to pick a Challenge winner. I’m most impressed by the people that are not particularly sports-orientated, but turn up day after day. They come, give it all they’ve got, are grateful for advice on form and posture, and most of all, they enjoy it. There are several people in Hong Kong Central (who have graciously offered to help train our staff), both newbies and seasoned professionals, that show a level of determination I see in competitive sport. This is what I like most about F45everyone can exercise and challenge themselves to a tough workout and come out feeling proud of themselves. I think F45 really helps build confidence in people, which allows them to be proud of themselves for their physical achievements.”

要挑選一個最激勵的會員其實不太公平。相反,我對那些顯然不是經常做運動的人,印象最深刻。他們來到 ,都會用盡全力完成訓練, 他們很感激我們給建議改善他們的體型和姿勢,最重要的是,他們很享受這個過程. 在香港中環有幾個人(他們慷慨地協助培訓我們的員工), 有新手和其他有經驗的人,他們展現的決心和精神,可以媲美其他劇烈體育所看見的. 這就是我最喜歡F45的地方;每人都可以藉此鍛煉身體並挑戰自己,進行艱苦的鍛煉,並為自己感到驕傲.  我覺得F45確實有助建立信心,讓他們為自己想達到的效果而感到自豪。

How do your members impact your life, both in and out of the studio? 你的會員如何影響你在健身室內和外的生活? 
“I am speaking to a lot of prospective members and know that helping them achieve their goals will be a very proud moment for me and the team at F45 Causeway Bay. Essentially, people have put their trust in us to help them and the team will do their absolute best to make this the case for each and every member.”

我們尚未正式開幕,所以暫時影響不大。 然而,我和很多準會員交流,我可以肯定的說, 能夠幫助會員實現他們的目標,對於我和F45銅鑼灣團隊來說,將是一個非常自豪的時刻. 基本上,人們已經相信我們能夠幫助他們,而F45團隊將盡最大努力為每個成員做到這一點。

How has F45 been life-changing for you? 你認為F45怎樣改變你的生活? 
“Actually, yes. I drink less. I eat better. I exercise more and have less excuses not to exercise. I have always been relatively fit, but I definitely feel stronger and have better stamina in both cardio and resistance training.”

說真的,有。我喝少了酒,我吃得比以前健康. 我也做多了運動,同時少了找藉口不做運動。我向來都比較健康,但經過F45後,我確實感覺更強壯,更有耐力應付帶氧運動和阻力訓練。

What is your favorite part of F45 and why? 你最喜歡F45訓練的部分是什麼?為什麼?
“The variability of the exercises. Typically, going to the gym is off-putting because of the lack of discipline or training regime. In larger and less structured gyms, people tend to choose the easiest exercise pattern that they can get away with. You can’t shy away from an exercise at F45. I think my resting heartbeat is now just over 50, with a sleeping heart rate in the low 40s. I am very happy with that—it means I am closer to achieving my goal of strengthening my heart, which is one of the main reasons I joined.”

我想我最喜歡的是各種運動的變化性。平時,由於缺乏紀律或培訓制度,去健身房是讓我覺得挺反感的。一般人都傾向一些他們可以輕易完成的鍛煉模式. 相反, 你不能輕易躲避F45設計的鍛煉模式. 我知道好多人都會寧願參加阻力訓練而跳過帶氧運動,但他們應該兩者兼備才能真正享受F45提供的好處. 我現在的靜息心跳現在剛剛超過50,睡眠心率低至40。我對此非常高興,因為這表示我更接近實現加強心臟的目標,這正是我加入F45的主要原因。

Franchisee Spotlight: Hong Kong



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