Franchisee Spotlight: Maggie Skamvougeras and Natalie Simon

Empowering the Western Sydney Community, One Rep at a Time

Both born and raised in Western Sydney, Maggie and Natalie have built a fitness family that mirrors the true spirit of F45. As the proud owners of F45 Wetherill Park, their journey to franchisees is a testament to the power of passion and community. They have fostered an environment where no one is left out and no one is left behind. 

Maggie’s Journey from F45 Member, to Coach, to Franchisee

As a mother of three daughters, Maggie’s story is a narrative of personal triumph. Her initial struggles with weight and fitness were the seeds that would eventually blossom into a thriving career. A former Primary School Teacher, mainly focused on K-2, Maggie’s transition from the classroom to the gym floor was driven by her own transformative experience with F45 as a member. 

“I never thought that I could be that person who was fit. That person who enjoyed exercising. That person who woke up full of energy. F45 changed my mindset which ended up in me changing my life.” 

Her initial motivation of weight loss quickly changed to challenging her body to do things she never thought possible. Although her own thoughts held her back for the longest time, she now knows she can achieve anything. Her daughters serve as daily reminders of the importance of leading by example as they inspire her to be the best version of herself. They proudly proclaim, “My mummy owns an F45!” 

The best part about owning an F45 studio for Maggie is that she now inspires people to try and make a change in their lives. “It’s very scary to try something new and step out of your comfort zone but I feel my story is relatable to many as I have been in their shoes. I am not your typical looking personal trainer and I hope I inspire people to see that if I could do it, they can do it too.”

The biggest lesson Maggie has learned is not to worry about any of the ‘noise’ and focus on what you do and what you do well. Maggie’s favorite session is Saturday Hollywood because it’s the “perfect hybrid class with everyone’s weekend energy!! 27 stations so you don’t have time to let it sink in how intense the workout is!”

Natalie’s Transition from Corporate Insurance to Community Leader

With over two decades of experience in the corporate world, Natalie transitioned from insurance claims and management to pursue her passion for F45. A mother of two, her journey to F45 ownership is fueled by being able to do what she loves each and every day surrounded by amazing people.

“Helping our members with their health and fitness journeys, setting goals and witnessing them smash them. I have never felt such job satisfaction until I commenced my career at F45. Everyday without even realizing it we are inspiring people and changing lives, whilst building lifelong friendships.”

Natalie’s favorite thing about F45 is the community, not just at her studio but F45 as a whole. “Regardless of which studio you train at, you are surrounded by people who are encouraging, supportive and passionate. This goes for both coaches and members. The energy that F45 brings is second to none, there is a sense of belonging, it’s more than a gym, it’s definitely a community.”

Natalie’s favorite workouts are Redline and Highrise. Redline because what’s not to love about 5 sets, with 5 seconds rest in between?! Highrise because she loves the 60 minute hybrid workouts where you work your whole body and it’s the perfect balance of cardio and weights. 

The Heart of F45: Community

Maggie & Natalie are so proud of the family they have built within their studio and are beyond grateful for the opportunity to be entrusted with the fitness journey of their local community. Their members range from ages 18 to 70, across diverse backgrounds. They cater to all fitness levels from beginners to athletes and there are members that even travel 20+ minutes to train at their studio!

“We are truly more than a gym, we are a family. We are an environment where no one is left out and no one is left behind.”

Next time you are in Western Sydney, make sure to stop by their studio for a visit!



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