From Finance to Fitness - Making a Fulfilling Career Change!

From running the largest precious metals brokerage in the USA, to opening an F45 studio. Two different industries, and two VERY different lifestyles!

“I came from a background in finance and I didn’t want to be behind a desk anymore. Even though we started and opened up during the pandemic which was the worst possible time ever, the fact is we’re growing through that. The fact is every month we’re adding new people, the fact is we’re growing at an extremely steady pace and I love it!”- David Morenfeld, owner of F45 Hawaii Kai, Hawaii, USA.

“[my previous job] It was very lucrative, and it was great, but it wasn’t what my calling was. It wasn’t what I wanted. I think at a certain point in life you get to that intersection. That intersection of financial comfort, and what is it that YOU want to do. We just got to a place where we had all the comforts of life but it wasn’t fulfilling”

People change careers for a number of reasons, whether it’s chasing a passion and making it a career, creating a better ‘work-life’ balance, flexibility, or simply, an investment opportunity. Whatever it is, if you’re passionate about it, we say GO FOR IT!

According to CNBC, there are several reasons why people might consider a career change- do you tick any of these 5?

A better ‘work-life’ balance: Finding that sweet spot between work and leisure time i.e. spending time with family, friends and leisure activities

Higher pay: Money can be motivation, so feeling like you’re not getting paid your worth or not able to progress to a pay increase.

A more meaningful and fulfilling career: Wanting a higher level of purpose through our careers and doing something that helps others.

To expand professional skill set: Finding a career that continuously challenges you and expands your ability and expertise.

Lack of advancement opportunities: Feeling ‘stuck’ and not seeing any chance of progression in your current role

One third of our lives is spent at work, so making this large chunk enjoyable and fulfilling is KEY! According to Carmen Harra, an author and clinical psychologist, living with purpose is the first, and possibly most important, key to living a long and healthy life.

As humans, we constantly crave purpose and a reason for what we do every day. If we come to work and feel motivated and excited about what we do, it will reflect on our work, the people we work with, and also the product/ service we are delivering.

We see this with F45 owners and investors every day. Their passion and motivation reflects on their studios success and you can literally FEEL the energy in their studio! This can be seen from all aspects of the business; from the positive vibes in the studio, the relationships between staff and trainers, and of course the results from their members.

Whether you are from a fitness background, or coming from a completely different career path, if you have a passion for fitness and helping people change their lives, well, F45 might be right up your alley! If you would like to explore this opportunity further, please get in touch! You never know, a career in fitness might be exactly what you are looking for.



This could be a life changing opportunity.


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