Future of Fitness: Post COVID-19

Let’s start by stating the obvious: the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. Millions of people have been forced to change their daily habits and been ‘sheltering in place’ in order to slow the spread of the virus. It has challenged the economy and undoubtedly changed the way we as humans conduct our daily lives. 

One of the hardest hit industries during the coronavirus pandemic has been the fitness industry, specifically gyms and boutique studios. The places where people once went to forget about their problems and focus on themselves are no longer accessible. When  local governments deem it acceptable to open fitness studios again, they are going to look quite different post COVID-19, but they will be stronger than ever before. Here’s why and how..

What Could Change in Gyms

Although no one knows for sure what the fitness industry is going to look like two, six or even twelve months from now, we know one thing is for sure: it may not look quite the same, but the community will not back down, but will rather rise up together. Here are a few things we believe may transpire when fitness studios are able to reopen: 

  • Total capacity of larger gyms may decrease in order to comply with the physical distancing laws that are in place.

    It is important to remember that although the larger gyms will be reopening, they will likely not allow their members to ignore the advice of medical professionals moving forward. Capacity in certain larger gym environments will need to decrease so that individuals can check into their ‘safe space’ and take a class that they enjoy, leaving the fear or worry of the coronavirus behind. F45 Training has taken an approach of smaller class sizes since day one and will continue to provide its members with a safe environment, free of clutter or worry. 

  • Sanitation will ramp up and be much more present before, during and after workouts.

    If individuals are going to a group fitness studio, the instructors and management will likely ask members to do their part before or after they finish their classes by wiping down equipment. F45 Training studios have been going one step further by providing ample and extra time in between classes to do a second cleaning and disinfection of all equipment.

    There may be less of a hands-on approach—literally.

    If trainers in the local gym or studio were previously likely to correct form or demonstrate movements by physically putting their hands on a client (appropriately), they are more likely to do a hands-off demonstration post COVID-19. Trainers will take into consideration the fact that individuals should not be physically touched and rely on their verbal and physical cues from afar.

    In-person training may not be the only option for members of fitness studios or gyms.

    This pandemic has brought on a whole new side of the industry: virtual training. If individuals no longer feel safe going to the gym due to the looming threat of COVID-19, they may be able to fully train online. Virtual training is here to stay, long past this pandemic because it has been proven to be a viable source of engagement for gym members and income for gym owners. F45 has created at-home workouts that allow members who may not want to come into the gym to continue on their path of working out and building healthy habits for the future.

    As we continue to fight against COVID-19, there may also be a shift in the general mindset of the community.

    More people may want to get in shape and take their health and well-being seriously. This is a direct reflection of the COVID-19 pandemic, no doubt. People will want to prioritize their health, seeing as healthcare professionals believe that frequent exercise, as well as general healthy practices, may help fight against viruses. This may give people the ‘kick in the pants,’ so to speak, to take their health seriously and get back into a routine that fosters a healthy mind, body and soul.

    One thing that may improve post COVID-19 is the general community that will exist surrounding fitness establishments.

    This pandemic may have temporarily ripped our general sense of community and togetherness apart, but one thing that it will not do is break it altogether. Life post COVID-19 is still a mystery, but if there is one thing that we have seen throughout this ordeal, it is that we will rise up together. When everyone returns to their fitness studios or joins a new gym community, they will be on the other side of a historic global pandemic. Attitudes will be lifted post-quarantine and people will seek a community that will empower them to better themselves and their lives, especially after realizing how precious life truly is. 

    F45 Training is, and will always be, more than a gym. It is a community where people can come together and focus on their health and well-being. We are here for you, especially now. 



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