Gen-X & Millennial Women Outnumber Men When Seeking Out Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Insights released it’s latest set of data that points towards a new trend in the industry: women outnumbering men when it comes to seeking out new franchise opportunities. They state:

“Among younger generations in particular, women lead in the number of investment inquiries made to franchises according to analysis of data from January to April 2021. Since we last reported gender demographics in September 2020, women have surpassed men in share of total prospects that are identified as male or female.”

More specifically speaking, the data shows Gen-X and Millenial women are seeking out new business ventures, more specifically franchising. This could be the result of several different factors, including their desire for additional income, a desire to be their own boss and a longing for a deeper meaning when it comes to their career.

Regardless of the reason behind this shift in the franchising industry, it is an exciting one to see. This could mean that the franchising industry gets the privilege to experience a multitude of various viewpoints and vantage points that have previously been the minority. The younger female generations may bring about a new source of energy that can reinvigorate the franchisor in which they choose!

As all people should do when they seek to get into franchise ownership, female business owners and entrepreneurs should be aware that choosing the right franchisor is key to a long-lasting and successful business. There are a multitude of steps that should be taken when choosing a franchisor, including which company will offer the most support to it’s franchise network. For women especially, this could mean seeking out the company that has experience working closely with fellow female franchisees and promotes a culture of inclusivity, regardless of an individual’s background or gender.

Women who are looking to break into the franchising industry should find a sector that they are passionate about, that allows them to grow as business owners and that truly sees their value and what they can bring to the table. Here at F45 Training, we proudly have a network full of driven, passionate and hardworking women who represent the F45 family well. We always make sure that our female (and male) franchisees feel comfortable, valued and supported during their career. F45 truly offers something for everyone, and we take great pride in the family-like atmosphere we have built. Male or female, our franchisees are our family and we ensure that everyone is treated with respect.

Are you interested in learning more about F45 Training and how to get involved? Are you actively seeking out a business that will help you grow as a business woman and entrepreneur?

We are looking forward to seeing more and more businesswomen come into the franchise sector, and hope that we have the opportunity to introduce our scalable business model and franchise concept to those who are interested! We look forward to welcoming more women into our franchise network and hope to speak with you very soon!



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