Grocery Shopping Simplified

Updated November 2023 | Ashleigh Kidd, RD, LDN

Have you ever been in a grocery funk? You’re just not sure what to get, where to start, or what to put together? (p.s it happens to ALL of us at some point or another)

We don’t always have the bandwidth to plan out our meals for the week, but by following this fail-proof grocery shopping formula, you will have everything you need to put together a yummy and balanced meal.

Step 1: Choose some protein sources! (About 3)
i.e. turkey, beans, chicken, beef, tempeh

Step 2: Choose 2-3 whole grain options
i.e quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat pasta and/or bread, oatmeal

Step 3: Fruits & Veggies, Choose 3 of each (aim to get new colors each grocery trip!)
i.e. banana, cantaloupe, raspberries, broccoli, squash, carrots

Step 4: Don’t forget FLAVOR…Choose 2-3 (you might already have some at home!)
i.e. salsa, guacamole, fresh herbs, seasonings

Step 5:  Snack time! Choose 3
i.e Greek yogurt, whole wheat crackers, hummus, cheese, peanut butter, hard boiled eggs, dark chocolate

(aim to pair fiber + protein and/or fat source for ultimate satisfaction, like greek yogurt with berries)

And that’s IT! You have everything you need to make balanced and satisfying meals & snacks for the week. You can find additional support on how to build your plate here and here.

Pro Tips:

  • Remember to choose foods from each category that you actually enjoy, otherwise you’ll likely end up wasting food (and $$), and you won’t be satisfied.
  • Try food prepping! If you’re not someone who wants to prepare all your meals at once for the week, this is a much more flexible option. This often looks like prepping some of your foods for the week so that they are easy to grab and fix each day. For example, washing and chopping your produce so that part is already done for you when it comes time to prepare your meal. 
  • If you can, writing down your ideas for meals before the week starts can make grocery shopping even easier. Think about what sounds good to you and incorporate those meals and snacks into your week.


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