How F45 Franchisees Use Social Media

These days, it’s hard to imagine a world without social media in our personal and professional lives. It seems like everyone has an account for themselves, their dog or the business venture they’re trying out. It’s truly a wonderful place to connect with other people! 

For businesses and entrepreneurs, social media is a powerful tool to attract, retain or recruit new people into their business. When done properly, it can be one of the cheapest ways to market your business and show people who you are, what you have to offer and why they should come spend their hard earned money at your institution. 

Conversely, when done sloppily or without clear intentions, social media can quickly turn into a waste of time, resources and effort. Having a clear social media strategy helps all business owners stay on task and on brand, while letting their personalities shine through their account. 

Here at F45 Training, we believe that social media campaigns should be done with intention and with the same passion that we approach our workouts every single day! With that being said, we feel it’s imperative to equip our franchisees with social media strategies and guidelines that will allow them to put their studio in the spotlight, while accurately and efficiently showing their audience what they have to offer their community through the F45 workouts. 

When an individual becomes a part of the F45 franchise network, he or she will attend our 5-day Induction, where they will be introduced to different aspects of our business model. One of the most anticipated discussions is about our social media presence as a network and how each studio has the opportunity to build out their platform from day one. 

Here are a few things our franchisees will learn about mastering the art of social media during their time as an F45 franchisee…


  • Our brand voice and tone is important! We educate our franchisees on our general brand voice and how we like to keep everything consistent. Don’t worry though, there’s room for each of our franchise owners to let their personality shine through their social media platforms, while remaining within brand guidelines! 
  • Try new things and see what sticks! We not only encourage our franchisees to try the newest trends on social media, but actually go one step further and give them the tools they need to execute those actions. Our step-by-step instructions help them get acquainted with the platforms and how to use them efficiently and effectively. 
  • Do’s, don’ts and everything in between. As we mentioned, social media can be a scary place when businesses don’t execute their strategies correctly. We pride ourselves in carefully laying out the F45 do’s and don’ts for social media in order to protect our franchisees and our brand integrity. 
  • You are not alone in your social media strategy. When a franchise owner becomes a part of the F45 family, he or she signs up to become a part of a network of people who have each others’ backs. From day one, we reiterate to our franchise owners that they are not alone in any aspect, including in their social media efforts. We help them set up profiles that showcase their amazing studios and display exactly what F45 has to offer their community. They know they are not alone and are given the necessary tools they need to build an online presence, as well as come to F45 HQ with questions or concerns.


These are just a few of the ways that we set our franchisees up for success when it comes to social media strategies. Our viewpoint is that our network is only as prepared as we make them, and it’s our duty to provide them with best practices both online and offline. We take pride in our social media presence and look forward to introducing all our new franchisees into the F45 way of life! 

Are you curious about owning your own F45 studio and want to learn more about how to make that happen? Simply contact us today and our team will be happy to discuss the opportunity with you, as well as how this could potentially fit into your professional and personal goals. We hope to welcome you into the F45 family very soon! 



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