How F45 Takes the Ego Out of Fitness

There’s nothing worse than walking into a new studio or gym and feeling super excited, just to have your ego quickly blown to pieces by someone making you feel inferior for being yourself. At F45 Training, we are proudly doing everything we can to eliminate the idea of inflated egos and establish an environment of self-confidence, both inside the studio and behind the scenes. 

As our mantra says: no mirrors, no treadmills, no egos. Here’s how we make that a reality…

In the Studio 

Our workouts are quite literally made for anyone who can (safely) workout at our studio, which eliminates the idea that you have to be in tip-top shape in order to step foot in one of our classes. Our coaches take pride in running classes that accommodate any fitness level, and whether it’s progressions or regressions we have you covered, our main goal is to help each individual get the maximum out of their workouts. 

From the moment a member or customer steps foot in our studios, our objective is simple, ensure they have the best workout possible in the 45 minutes they have with us. We will never judge them for their strength capabilities, their size or their age. That’s why we work to time, not reps, but we will push you to push yourself!

No mirrors? That doesn’t sound like any gym I’ve been to. That’s the point. We strive to ensure that the studio is also set up so that they won’t compare themselves to the other members in the class. Have you found yourself catching a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and feeling bummed about what you saw? We get it — everyone’s been there. 

At F45, we believe our studio should be a safe haven from all of the self-doubt and negativity. That’s why you will never find a mirror in our studio. We simply want you to focus on the workouts and feeling your best, rather than how you look during the workout. 

Behind the Scenes

Behind every great studio is an amazing team of people who feel good about themselves and the job that they are doing. Behind closed doors, we empower our teams to be the best versions of themselves, while learning how to set their ego aside and be a team player. 

Our business model is created for an owner to come in and run an efficient business with a team that truly enjoys what they do on a daily basis. Each franchisee is given a roadmap of our business and the business plan in which we have been operating for several years, much like every other franchisor does for their franchisees. This allows our brand to stay consistent and to give every franchisee the opportunity to run an F45 studio within the guidelines of our business model. 

F45 is built on the idea that we are all more than a team, we are a family. When franchise owners and their staff adhere to the business model in which we provide them with, they should instantly understand the gravity of how important it is to truly be a family. 

Not only will this benefit the whole studio team because it will eliminate the need for personal opinions getting in the way of business matters, but it will ensure the whole network is reaping the benefits of a consistent brand. 

Rest assured, our franchisees are selected based on their merit, experience and their drive to be the best they can possibly be. We celebrate what makes each of our franchise owners different and encourage them to showcase their individuality through non-egotistical avenues such as their social media accounts or in their classes greeting members. 

Our franchise owners, coaches and members all have one thing in common: egos are left at the door each and every time they step foot into our studios.



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