How Millennials Contribute to Franchise Success

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Millennials—they are the generation on everyone’s lips. You might know a Millennial, have one in your family, share an office with one, or you might even be one. 

Millennials haven’t always been given a fair rapother generations have referred to them as self-involved, lazy and self-entitled. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Millennials are perfectly suited to the world of franchising, which is why the F45 Training franchise system provides a platform that almost seems tailor-made to their strengths and unique abilities. 
Here are some reasons why Millennials are poised to help the fastest-growing fitness network grow even further and share in its success:

The 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report reported that Millennials often start businesses at younger ages than previous generations, averaging 27 years old versus 35 for baby boomers. The report also showed that more under-30s are becoming franchisees than ever before18% of all franchisees are now under 30.  

Strong on community and making a real difference.
A big part of the success of individual F45 franchisees is their ability to play an active role in their local communities. Our business has a true sense of purpose, with each and every part of our community believing in our power to change lives for the better. Similarly, Millennials often have real roots in their communities and, as a result, are moving away from traditional professions towards smaller, locally-based ventures where they can do tangible good.

Coming out of left field.
It’s so important for any brand, especially franchise brands, to keep innovating and adding value. Millennials tend to be open-minded and flexible, and when combined with their familiarity with technology, makes it easy to research ideas and implement solutions. F45 welcomes a challenger mindset, and our ever-evolving member experience needs creativity and fresh ideas to fuel it.

What does this button do?
Millennials are digital natives, and have grown up with technology that older generations were never exposed to. They intuitively understand how technology can be used to improve the customer experience, as well as how, where, and when to use it in order to streamline individual franchise systems and services.

Selling it on social.
Millennials are all over social media. Interacting with customers/members and creating a clear and recognizable persona for a franchise comes naturally to them. They’ll also know which platforms to use for which content and how to reach their target audience.

They play nicely with others.
Teamwork is essential to all franchise systems, and team training is at the heart of F45. Millennials are at their best when they’re able to interact and collaborate with others, and they truly value a franchise in which they are listened to and left feeling inspired at the end of the day.

Curious and willing to learn.
Now more than ever, it’s important to have an open mind and an ability to learn from the wealth of information to which we have access. Millennials understand that there’s always more information out there, and they are skilled at picking credible sources from big data sets. They are attracted to thought leadership and franchise opportunities that emphasize franchisee support. 

In touch and in tune.
While fitness is something that’s relevant to all ages, our younger years are key in establishing long-lasting healthy habits. Millennials can understand and connect with a younger market and help any fitness business get the most out of this valuable target audience.

No more 9-to-5.
Millennials really don’t want to spend their days stuck in traffic traveling to and from a desk. Since working flexibly and being self-employed are both attractive to them, buying into a market-leading franchise system like F45’s gives them the perfect balance of support and independence.

Motivated to do more.
Millennials are incredibly drivenit’s how they define success that might differ from traditional thinking. They value balance and quality of life, so they get motivation and a sense of accomplishment from being able to do something that makes a difference.

More the same than different.
While generations undoubtedly differ in values, when it comes to fitness, health, and training, real passion lives through all sorts of different people and ages. At the end of the day, it is passion that will really help add to the success of any brand or franchise business.

How Millennials Contribute to Franchise Success



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