How to Connect With a Fitness Business Coach

If you’re considering starting a business in the fitness and wellness industry, one of the things that can benefit you the most is a mentor in the industry. The right mentor can help you build a solid foundation as you get your fitness and wellness business off the ground. If you take the appropriate steps, you can easily connect with the right mentor to help turn your fitness or wellness business into a success.

Have a Business Plan

Before finding a mentor who can help you achieve your business goals, it’s important to have a partial business plan for the next few years. Having clear plans for the future will help in choosing a business mentor who can help you reach your goals. A potential mentor may also want to see your business plan or an outline of your goals in order to gauge how committed you are to your business. Most successful entrepreneurs don’t have time to waste, and therefore prefer to invest their time in worthwhile ventures and prospects who are truly dedicated. This leaves it up to you to prove how determined you are.

Similar Business Niche

When searching for a fitness business coach, it’s best to look within the segment of the fitness and wellness industry in which you specialize. If you can’t locate an individual that works in the same niche as you, it’s best to find a mentor in an industry that requires the same type of work ethic and organizational structure. 

For instance, if you want to open a fitness studio, you can look for a businessperson who manages a similar franchise, such as a yoga studio. When you buy or invest in an F45 franchise, however, you don’t have to worry about finding a fitness business coach–F45 provides franchisees with a global support network of coaching professionals.

Attend Industry Networking Events

Make an effort to attend fitness and wellness events in your community, as that’s where you’re bound to meet a variety of leaders in related enterprises. A good way to connect with the type of mentors you’re searching for is to introduce yourself to the organizers and speakers of these events. It’s important that you find a mentor with whom you can have a casual conversation, but who can also give you constructive criticism.

Multiple Mentors

If possible, it’s also wise to find multiple mentors, as one fitness business coach might be the best person to guide you on the financial aspects of your business, while another may be great at coaching you on growing your brand and hiring staff. Both mentors will be of great benefit to you, as they bring valuable skills to your business and will likely remain in your circle of influence even after your business relationship comes to an end.

Mentors come in all different shapes and sizes. Some mentors may be proactive, while others are prone to taking a more reactive background role. Don’t just look for someone with whom you can have a long conversation each day, but someone who responds to your questions quickly and proactively. Long meetings won’t always be possible, so find someone you can have reasonable access to via phone or email.

Have They Achieved What You Are Trying to Achieve?

At the end of the day, the most important thing in your search for a mentor is to find someone who has achieved what is most important to you. Many of your goals will require different types of mentors, and it’s your personal and professional goals that will guide you in your selection process.

Summing Up

A great mentor will provide personal and professional development advice based on his/her experiences. A good fitness business coach will be invested in the success of your business and devoted to helping you achieve goals in your new fitness business, just like F45 does for its franchisees. Our support team provides new franchisees with all the training and materials they need to ensure their franchises are a success.

You also need to display a genuine interest in the person mentoring you–a good mentor-mentee relationship is a two-way street. You need to follow your mentor’s suggestions and recommendations as a way to show him or her that you’re committed to being successful and that you take your new fitness or wellness business seriously.

How to Connect With a Fitness Business Mentor



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