How to Go from Studio Trainer to Owner

If you are working in the fitness industry as a trainer, you likely already have a passion for improving the lives of your clients and members of your community. Trainers are unique in that they must be well-educated on the science behind working out, as well as be able to personally interact with the clients they train. Not everyone is cut out to be a trainer, but those that have chosen personal training as their career are special and often invaluable to their employers.

But, what if we told you that you didn’t have to be a trainer for the rest of your career? What if you could utilize the industry knowledge and your passion for fitness to propel yourself into a new role? It’s true. It’s possible, and guess what? It’s doable. 

Going from Trainer to Owner: Logistics 

How many times throughout your career have you wanted to do something but thought to yourself, ‘There’s no way I can realistically do that’ or ‘That’ll never happen for someone like me.’ Unfortunately, this self-doubt is common, but you don’t have to give into it! 

You can make a career change and set yourself up for long-term success in the process. The beauty of being a personal trainer is that you are already familiar with the ins and outs of fitness industry, what makes a successful career within the industry, and how you can fit into the equation. When it comes to making the switch from personal trainer to studio owner, it can actually be relatively seamless if you lean on the foundations that you already know. 

Logistically speaking, there may be some hesitations or reservations. That’s understandable, but it is nothing that cannot be properly addressed when working with a strong network that will support you throughout the journey. Let’s tackle those objections together.

Objection 1: What if I don’t have the money? 

Solution: Consider this—do you not have the capital funds available or are you not seeking out the proper channels to find the funding that will work for this new venture? Reliable franchise networks will take the time to discuss third-party finance options with you. 

Objection 2: I think I will miss the day-to-day opportunity to interact with the clients and community.

Solution: We completely get it. Community is what lifts us up and makes the gym feel more like a family than a place in which to work out. At F45 Training, we focus on building a community that people are proud to be a part of and that owners are proud to facilitate. Our F45 franchise owners don’t have to separate themselves completely from the day-to-day operations unless they want to. You can be as involved, or uninvolved, as you choose to be. That’s the beauty of owning your own studio.

Objection 3: How can I possibly run a studio on my own? I feel like I would need support. 

Solution: One of the best aspects of investing your time, energy and money into a network like F45 Training is that you will wholeheartedly be welcomed into the family from day one. This means that you will have a plethora of resources available to you, allowing you to obtain the tools you need in order to succeed. The growth and success that F45 and its franchise owners have experienced has not been by accident. The network is carefully designed to set you up to run your studio to the best of your capability, with support ranging from marketing to membership sales. As an F45 franchise owner, you are never alone. We have your back. 

So, now what? 

There are a few key types of people that are extremely well-suited to be franchise owners within the F45 community. If you are a personal trainer and you feel as though you have what it takes to elevate your career and grow into a franchise owner with one of the world’s largest fitness franchise networks, now is the time. 

By simply reaching out to us, you are taking the next step towards creating a life and career for yourself that you will not only love, but will be proud of. You can do this, especially with us beside you every step of the way. Join our community today. 

How to Go from Studio Trainer to Owner



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